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Benjamin Read

Benjamin Read is an interdisciplinary artist and designer based in Wollongong, Australia. Read's artistic practise employs 3D modelling and large format multi-screen projection to explore the boundaries between the real, the hyper-real and in exploration of the space-time implied behind and beyond the frame.

In one of his recent works titled The Waves (2015) he explored the relational play between the real and the simulated, the virtual and actual by employing noise algorithms to simulate a virtual seascape. Projected against multiple hanging screens The Waves (2015) provides a visceral challenge to assumed boundaries between natural and technical, virtual and actual, informatic and material.

Read is a skilled special effects artist and designer, enthused by the potential of contemporary digital effects in film and animation and with a keen interest in exploring and extending expressive possibilities of that field beyond that of todays standard.

He has extensive knowledge of all major platforms pertaining to the craft of 3D animation and relishes the challenges and opportunities of a field that is constantly in flux.

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