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Anthea Caddy

Anthea Caddy is a cellist and sound artist interested in the relationship between recording, spatialisation and the instrument. Her practice addresses the convergence between the applications of sound, the instrument and performance, through a focused study of the relationship between recording and spatialisation techniques, and the instrument as sound object. Exploiting the celloÕs textural, spatial and dynamic capabilities, she draws reference points from electro-acoustic music and sound art, focusing her projects on space and environment. Working with digital composition, environmental field recording, and acoustic performance she seeks to consolidate both the conceptual and practical aspects of these media, articulating techniques and concepts indigenous to digital spatialisation in her performances and recordings.

After studying a degree in Media Arts majoring in sound at RMIT University, she has gone on to become an active member of the Australian and international sound art community. Anthea's regular collaborations are with Thembi Soddell (Iland, Cajidmedia), with Philip Samartzis (as part of the ensemble Absence and Presence released on 'Unheard Spaces'), with tubist Robin Hayward (Berlin, Germany) and sound artist Eric La Casa (Paris, France), with Magda Mayas (Berlin, Germany), and in performance/installation project 'Maps of Corners' with guitarist and composer Annette Krebs. Anthea has worked in the past with many notable artists in varying media-based projects including Tarab (Eamon Sprod), Phillip Pietruschka, Clayton Thomas, Christian Wolff, Alice Hui Sheng Chang, Larry Polansky, Tony Conrad, Chris Abrahams, Tim Catlin, Rasmus. B. Lunding and Pia Borg. She has done numerous collaborations for video installation, dance, live sound design/score for theatre (with Darrin Verhagen and Franc Tetaz), film and video. As a curator she has co-curated for Liquid Architecture Festival in Melbourne and for the video collective DotMov. Anthea has toured internationally in Europe, Australia and USA in a variety of festivals and series.