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Wishful Thinking (1988)

Jill Scott

Wishful Thinking (1988), 30mins

TV pilot for a five-part series that Scott has described as 'feminist science fiction'. The central character, Zira, departs Planet X, journeying to earth in search of a mysterious and symbolic ring. The series is intended to look at the relationship between technology and the female creative concern for ecology, role models presented by the media and those of more violent types of science fiction, as well as media's appropriation and manipulation of female symbols.
Wishful Thinking uses digital effects as an integral part of the storyline, bringing together new-generation video technology and an imaginative narrative approach unlike anything yet seen on broadcast television.1


Shown at:

37th Melbourne Film Festival, 16-26 June 1988

Australian Video Artists Presentations, Chauvel Cinema, 1 September, 1988

Women in Technological Art : forum., 3 September, 1988

Special Australian Selection of the 4th Montbeliard Television Festival, Montbeliard, France. [“4e Manifestation Internationale de Video et TV : Ethique & Television”] Montbéliard, France, 21-25 September, 1988

Experimenta, Exhibition of Art Film and Video: Modern Image Makers Association (MIMA), 18-27 November, 1988

The 3rd Fukui International Video Biennale, Fukui Japan. 29 July – 20 August, 1989

Ars Electronica, Linz, Austria. 13-16 September, 1989. As part of Sally Couacaud's Videobühne Australien collection.2

Frames: Festival of Film and Video, Adelaide. New Technologies program, 7-14 September, 1990.

Satellite Cultures : The New Museum, New York, USA. A selection of Australian video curated by Sally Couacaud, 8 December – 4 February, 1990


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2Sally Couacaud, “Videobühne Australien”, in catalogue for Ars Electronica 1989 – Im Netz der System, Linz: Ars Electronica, 49-51.