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Is This What You Call Love?

Gary Willis

Collaborative video with Eva Schramm.

Soundtrack: Ken Guntar

A television event: 6 x 30sec commercials presented on late night TV. Shown on

ATN–9: Television Adelaide during the 1980 Adelaide Festival for the Arts, and

CTC–7: Television Canberra during the ACT 2 Performance Festival Canberra.

Sydney Biennale 1982 – Studio Access Project: TE VE TABU, (23 April, 1982)

Institute of Modern Art: Gary Willis, The Five Senses, 1982 (5-30 October), Lectures and video tapes.

“An artwork ... specifically created for showing on public television, especially during the commercial breaks of the late night romance movies.”1

“Each spot plays with a different stage in a relationship between a “Man” and a “Woman” based on Willis and Schramm.”2

See also Access Video, vol.6, no.1 (Summer 1980), 9; Art Network, no.2 ??, (Summer 1980)

VIDEO CATALOGUE Issue #3 – Curated by Brendan Lee

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