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Jeffrey Shaw

The Waterwalk was a 3-metre-high tetrahedron shaped balloon made from transparent (and sometimes coloured) plastic. A watertight zip allowed people to enter and be sealed inside. When this lightweight structure was inflated with air, one or more persons could 'walk on water' by stepping and rotating it like a wheel over the water surface. The large volume of air in the balloon allowed the occupants some time for their journeys - and whenever they wished they could simply unzip themselves out. Lakes, rivers and the sea were the venues of this eventstructure. Exhibitions:

1969: Six Events, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

1970: Brighton festival, Brighton, UK; Holland Pop festival, Kralingen, Netherlands.

1971: National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia; A version specially made for the James Bond movie Diamonds are Forever.

1972: Moomba festival, Melbourne, Australia