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Untitled (Standard Interval)

Alex Gawronski

Presented at Unsound06; Loco-Motivus at Wagga Wagga-Brucedale-Coolamon-Junee; curated by Sarah Last + Wagga-Wagga Art Gallery, 2006.

Digital video, PAL, silent 
Duration: 25mins
Timber, stain, 2 x video monitors, 2 x DVD players, DVD loops

Footage taken from a tripod attached to the front of a locomotive at the historic Junee Railway Workshop. Camera is trained onto the tracks as engine travels a circuit around the Railway Roundhouse. Video is screened on monitors above the facing doors of a historic train carriage traveling between Junee and Wagga-Wagga. The footage on one of the monitors is reversed to give the impression that the train is traveling in different directions simultaneously.

Alex Gawronski, Untitled (Standard Interval), 2006.
Alex Gawronski, Untitled (Standard Interval), 2006.