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True Blue

Liam Benson

In True Blue, Liam Benson is dressed in a pale blue ‘hoodie’ which conceals his hair and takes on the quasi religious aspect of a cowl. Behind is an austere backdrop of panelled wood grain veneer, a material that both suggests and encompasses notions of bush, suburbs and boardroom. Liam repeatedly and laconically intones the refrain of ‘True Blue‘, the almost ‘anthem’ to ‘dinki-di’ Australian mateship and identity, written by folk balladeer John Williamson.

Liam brings a studied and subtle poignancy as a queer male thirty year old, to the refrain of that iconic paean:
True Blue, is it me and you? 


Liam Benson, True Blue, 2005, single channel digital video, sound, 3.42 min. Courtesy the artist and Artereal Gallery. 

Liam Benson, True Blue, 2010
Liam Benson, True Blue, 2010