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Take My Breath Away

Daniel Mudie Cunningham

Take My Breath Away re-imagines Marina Abramovic and Ulay’s iconic 1977 performance Breathing In Breathing Out. The exchange of human breath between two men is mediated by a white balloon. Breathing is transformed from inhaling and exhaling into blowing and sucking, rendering this compulsory life-sustaining act into a compulsive, perverse, and empty gesture. The starting point for this work was an interest in the ‘looner’ community and their fetishising of the balloon as both an infantilising and erotic object. In Take My Breath Away the balloon as sublimated object is transformed into a shared lung, a life support that animates life as much as it threatens to suffocate and choke.

Camera & Editor
HD single channel video with sound
4:21 min
Tina Havelock Stevens
Other events 

Exhibited in:
Take My Breath Away, Peloton, Sydney, 31 January - 23 February 2013
The A-Z of Contemporary Art, Episode 2, ABC1
Fishers Ghost Art Award, Campbelltown Arts Centre, 2 November - 16 December 2013

Take My Breath Away, – via Vimeo