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Alex Davies

s w a r m presents individuals with an evolving audio visual environment in which the audience themselves are drawn in as fragments in an ever changing mediascape.

The work focuses on the dynamics of the live surrounding environment as a basis for subsequent acquisition and manipulation of data. Individuals are tracked as they move within the space and are subsequently sucked into the image plane.

The behaviour of the increasing database of phantoms shifts from swarms of activity to lingering solitary movements. Sounds swell and recede in unison with the ebb and flow of the imagescape.

Although individuals only inhabit the physical space for a transient period, their presence echos temporally as they re-appear in the environment as neurotic shifting fragments in space.

As an individual enters the gallery space they are captured via video and tracked within the environment. If an individual is identified as being present in the space they are captured on video. As the video database grows random fragments are recompiled and rendered in the image plane. Fleeting glimpses are revealed by a shifting window that drifts across the image plane. As this window scans across the length of the projection surface the sound sweeps in unison, syncronised to the image, spatialising and triggering different fragments of audio depending on the revealed location. The dynamically changing width of the window fluidly alters the subtle character of the audio by filtering the sound and manipulating the duration of the audio fragments triggered.

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