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Space Over Time


Tim Gruchy interactive installation

The piece is a walkin interactive installation. It involves software which takes an incoming video camera source and combines it with computor graphics to create an artificial reality environment. The interactor steps into a sensed zone in front of the camera to be confronted with their image inside the graphic environment presented by a video projector.  From here they can control the graphic and audio events in real time. This happens in quite a sophisticated manner and makes for a high degree of percieved psychological immersion.

 It explores the new developing notions of control space.

Interactive zones where the whole body becomes the interface. Space over time. It is quite complex and presents a whole series of nested scenes through which the traveller can navigate and take control. The notions of spacial and time perception are especially addressed as well as the political ramifactions of control.

The placement of body in space and use of it as the controller is also self reflectively manipulated.

A new inclusion to the piece involves a series of scenes which are deconstructed versions of songs by “VISION FOUR 5”. The interactor is able to reconstruct these interactively in real time.


Interactivity, unencumbered.

Now you the interactor get to make at least some of the decisions.

Putting you in the picture literally.

The passive experience of the art observer is no longer relevant.

Motion and response loop endlessly through time.

Space is now sensed but not necessarily sensible.

Space Over Time, – via Vimeo