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Some Thing

Ian Haig

Intersecting both visual and media arts practices, Ian Haig interrogates alternate visions of the everyday, focusing on the visceral physicality of the human body. As playful as it is provoking, Haig’s practice embraces a wide range of media including site-specific installation, web delivery, animations, video, comics, drawings and interactive sculpture.

Some Thing (2011) is a sculptural fusion of filmmaker David Cronenberg’s concept of 'New Flesh' and the transmuted bodies inhabiting William S. Burroughs literary work The Naked Lunch. Drawing on the prosthetic aesthetic found in B-grade cinematic horror, Haig’s robotic sculpture exposes the internal viscera in an unsettling mix of gestation, mutation and consciousness. Both compelling and monstrous, the work’s body defies categorisation, a creature without a species, caught in the moment between life and death. The sculpture’s simple  robotic movement of twitches, jerks, pulsations and breathing is both familiar and ambiguous. The accompanying soundtrack composed by PH2 (Philip Brophy and Philip Samartzis) draws on parallel cinematic influences creating an otherworldly auditory experience.

SomeThing - Ian Haig, 2011, – via Vimeo