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Justin Harvey

The face of the current Australian Prime Minister, Tony Abbott has become a ubiquitous image in Australian media. My social media streams feature his image frequently throughout the day and for the first few months of his leadership one image came up repeatedly. After his election as he and his party went from blunder to blunder I became frustrated with my inability to voice my dissent with respect to their actions. As part of a continuing project of exploiting consumerAimaging technology to glitch images/video, I took the low resolution publicity image used repeatedly from the internet and began experimenting with ways to digitally deface it. The resultant image sequences were then collated and combined to create a transcendent visual texture that defies the oppressive authority of the original image. Slice is one of those image sequences: it at once renders Abbott's leadership as a 'glitch' in the landscape of contemporary Australian politics describes an attempt to 'erase' his visage from my field of vision.


Justin Harvey, Slice, 2014, digital video, 2:30 min