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Ben Rushton

As a visual artist with an interest in screen based work, my focus is to demonstrate how sound enhances the success of the moving image.

Since having been introduced to the work of Stan Brakhage (1933-2003), the realisation that the moving image can be much more than linear storytelling, on par with that of the painter, has been a revelation – of sound and moving image being an artistic medium equal to the oils on a painters brush.

Brakhage and the more recent installations of Charles Atlas, demonstrate the affectual power of sound in their work. For me, this is also important. My aim is to create – with the use of sound – a demanding and uncomfortable state for the viewer, in which they can experience a holistic, physical reading of a video; an experience beyond what they may have at home watching their television.


Ben Rushton, ROME BURNS, 2015, digital video, audio, 5:09 min