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Proud Mary 2012

Daniel Mudie Cunningham

This is the song Daniel Mudie Cunningham wants played at his funeral.

Daniel has always been obsessed by Tina Turner's Proud Mary since seeing her perform live in Sydney in 1991 and 1993. The sublime experience of seeing a powder keg like Tina perform the song inspired its selection as his funeral song. Daniel's first lip-synced video for Proud Mary in 2007 references the many times his friends have witnessed him spontaneously imitate her dance moves at parties.

For Funeral Songs at MONA, Daniel has remade Proud Mary in an underground parking station with a self-initiated promise to document his aging process by re-staging the performance for video every five years until his death.

Collection: Museum of Old & New Art, Hobart

HD single channel video with sound
5:35 min
Don Cameron
Vera Hong
'Proud Mary', Tina Turner, 1993
Proud Mary 2012, – via Vimeo