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Moved Up Moved Down (1978)

Jill Scott

Moved Up Moved Down (1977-78).

Artist and spectator performance task with video surveillance.
Bay Area Artworks at The Women’s Building, Los Angeles, USA. March, 1978

Curator: Barbara Smith,
Photos: Terry Hanlon,

A pre-recorded tape and the surveillance were shown to the spectators. The tape was of the same situation with an illusory much greater degree of difficulty.

A Beat in Step, Videotape

Editing: Jill Scott,
Camera: Mark Gilliland
Funded by The Women’s Building, Los Angeles.
Sponsorship: Video International

Collection: Mediathek of the Zentrum für Kunst und Medientechnologie (ZKM), Karlsruhe, Germany; The Neighbourhood Arts Foundation, San Francisco, USA.

Also shown at:
Politics of the Body conference, Performance Space, 15 – 18 October, 1987.1  Video Program curated by Sally Couacaud



1Conference Program: Politics of the Body, 15th October – 18th October (NSW Art Gallery Perspecta Performance Program 1987)