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Material Landscapes

Tim Buchanan

Tim Buchanan is currently creating virtual reality environments using devices such as the oculus rift.  He begins the process by living intimately with A3 or larger scale paper material on his person for long durations (a week at the very least). After the set duration of living with the material, it is then photographed and interpreted digitally. The marks and folds are turned into an expansive landscape that can be explored virtually. This process allows Buchanan to investigate his own embodiment and question the boundaries of subjectivity by embedding himself, via his own trace, at a massive scale. His work explores the notion that information needs a material substrate, and the inescapable physicality and spatiality of data, such as within the silicon chip. His work muses on the digital as ultimately organic in its material nature. 


Tim Buchanan, Material Landscapes, 2016, Paper, Oculus Rift, Performance