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Lake George (after Mark Rothko)

John Conomos

An homage to Mark Rothko, and also in the long take cinema tradition (specifically Jean-Marie Straub and the late Daniele Huillet’s Too Early, Too Late [1982]), a landscape video about the ‘disappearing’ lake located outside Canberra, Australia.

“As a child during the fifties I would visit my mother’s cousins at Goulburn and Canberra by car. Between these two locations I became aware through my parents and relatives talking about this mysterious lake that would ever so often disappear. How is this possible? A lake that would vanish from the face of the earth. Consequently, Lake George has always had a talismanic value for me as a metaphor for creativity.

Landscape as something that emerges from the invisible to the visible. The artist as someone who voyages – irrespective of their art form – between these two essential realms of life and light/vision.

I have always been attracted to a sense of place. Landscape as lifescape, soundscape, tastescape, and memoryscape. As a genre of art, despite certain current views that it is a traditionally conservative genre, it need not be. Far from it. For me landscape has always been critical to my biography, culture and thought. Landscape is, as I see and hear it, something that lies, to evoke Jean-Francois Lyotard, ‘beyond the cultivated zone.’ Beyond the law of genre.” 

24:00 minutes
John Conomos, Lake George (After Rothko), 2007, Video Still
John Conomos, Lake George (After Rothko), 2007, Video Still