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Peter Callas

Karkador (1986), 2:55 mins, Tokyo.

Commissioned by Pioneer Laser Disk for a project titled “AV Cocktail” (representing the 5th anniversary of laser disk in 1996). Produced by Tyrell Corp, Tokyo with music by P-Model.

The lyrics are about a man staring into a mirror and seeing a stream of random images. The tape takes the mirror to be the television and the imagery makes references to the random nature of televised imagery. Karkador was the second in the series of tapes based on the children’s game “menko” (the other two tapes in the series being Kinema no Yoru and The Esthetics of Disappearance. [Peter Callas]

Frame from Karkador (1986). (c) Peter Callas.
Frame from Karkador (1986). (c) Peter Callas.