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Intentions (v.1)

Emma Hicks

Intentions is part of an ongoing work that began on residency at The Banff Centre in Canada in 2013. Participants of the “Our Literal Speed” artist residency were asked via email to submit a how to / instructional You Tube video that related specifically to their art practice.  Intentions was conceived both through and with digital interfaces. Artists became active participants and collaborators by clicking, scrolling and mining You Tube to find a clip for re-use and re-circulation, that would speak not only to their current artistic practice, but also their intentions whilst on the thematic residency. As Intentions unfolds, the screen becomes a multiplicity of moving images, yellow text is used to identify each participant as twelve You Tube videos become locked in a battle for recognition. Each video that is vying for attention becomes part of an ongoing performance. Working simultaneously with digital interfaces, whilst also addressing these interfaces, Intentions becomes not only an archival and indexical representation of artistic intention and production, but also an object to be exhibited and documented in a gallery space.

Emma Hicks, Intentions (v.1), 2011, digital video, audio, 7:33 min