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Miniature Malekpour

Infinity is an experimental short film following a young man as he drags a body through the middle-eastern desert while battling his own demons along the way. As he battles on to survive in the scorching heat, his state of mind gradually descends as he gets closer and closer to his destination, an open grave. What he realizes in the end is that he is actually burying himself (his past, present and future) and that it is too late to turn back to reality, as he has already lost himself to the inner demons living in his mind-in this case the ultimate demon being “the woman he loves”. This is a metaphoric film dealing with one’s mental state after a traumatic experience. While the pace is slow, the story reaches an eerie climax, addressing the fact that humanity tends to be blinded by what is in front of us. 

Miniature Malekpour, Infinity, 2012, digital video, audio, 7:06 mins