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An Imaginary Museum of Revolutions

Jeffrey Shaw

An Imaginary Museum of Revolutions was a proposed multimedia installation to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the French Revolution. The basic concept was to address 200 revolutions from the French Revolution up to the present-day. The major components were firstly a sculpture garden of replicas of revolutionary monuments, all reduced to one size, that when touched would play their respective revolutionary songs. Then secondly a group of coin-operated dispensing machines where one could buy small replicas of these 200 revolutionary monuments. And thirdly a set of multimedia terminals which when activated by the purchased revolutionary monument would allow the user to explore an audiovisual database concerning these 200 revolutions via three interconnected paths of navigation - space, time and ideology. Credits:

Software: Gideon May
Design and Production: Curt Adelbert, Gijs Bakker, Bas van den Berg, Pieter Boersma, Hans Derks, Josien Eissens, Fred Gales, Marijke Griffioen, Marise Knegtmans, Hanns 't Mannetje, Bas Moreel, Willem van Oosterwijk, Bas van Tol and Mazdak Wahedi.


1988: De Haagse Zomer, Den Haag, Netherlands.

1989: Inventer 89, La Villette, Cité des Sciences et de l´Industrie, Paris, France; Zyklus Arbeit 89, Brucknerhaus, Linz, Austria; Tekens van Verzet, Fodor Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands; IS in de HAL, KunstHal, Rotterdam, Netherlands.