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Squidsilo, Julie Vulcan, Ashley Scott

Conceived and performed by Julie Vulcan
Sound design and live mix by Ashley Scott

Drift invites the audience to enter a darkened space occupied by a flotilla of twinkling vessels. Floating in this twilight place, each one offers a tentative refuge for an individual. Julie methodically attends to each vessel as the performance explores the fine lines between security and fragility. Underscoring this Julie takes a photo of each inhabitant. This is not an intrusive mandatory act but rather a gesture towards being accounted for (Driftcast). The durational performance offers a place for contemplation whether participating or sitting quietly at the edges, watching the ebb and flow. The multiple soundscapes composed by Ashley Scott impart a calm disquiet, mirroring the fine balance between comfort and unease. Drift invites us to witness the intimate moments of tenderness that sustain us, in an effort to find a common place of understanding. There is also an invitation to consider what motivates us to take a difficult journey and why we might jump into the abyss to survive. Finally prompting the question what it is we hold onto when facing an uncertain future.

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