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Dream zone

Karen Casey

Karen Casey’s Dream zone (2012) emerges from the artist’s fascination with the relationship between human consciousness and our experience of the world.

Featuring a kaleidoscopic celebration of symmetry, colour and pattern, the work is projected on multiple walls in a series of duplicated, tiled animation squares. Casey creates an immersive space of hypnotic lines and intersecting points reflecting the geometry found in nature. Specialist software developed by the artists technical collaborator uses Casey’s recorded meditating brainwaves to create the hypnotic rhythm of the work. Visually it dissects and reconfigures imagery by Casey’s to generate, in real-time, ever-changing geometric patterns.

An interdisciplinary artist with a broad and varied creative practice, Casey has challenged perceived notions of reality, time and space and our understanding of the physical and the spiritual.  Since the 2000s her work has further explored scientific and psychological themes relating to our place in the universe and the interconnectivity of human consciousness.