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Drawing Breath

George Poonkhin Khut, John Tonkin

Drawing Breath is the name of a series of breath-responsive works developed with artist and interaction designer John Tonkin. A stretch-sensing belt worn around the participant’s chest translates breath-related changes in chest diameter to a computer that transforms these movements into a dense array of trailing 3D particles and breath-like noise textures.

Drawing Breath v.1 was exhibited in the group exhibition Asian Traffic (curated by Binghi Huangfu) at Gallery 4A (Sydney, Australia) in 2004. Drawing Breath v.2 was developed for for Gallery 4A and AsiaLink’s Open Letter group exhibition celebrating the thirtieth anniversary of the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN). Drawing Breath v.2 including a breath-activated spoken word soundtrack consisting of breath-phrases in Mandarin and English.

Drawing Breath: Triptych expands the Drawing Breath concept to allow up to three participants at a time to interact with their own breathing patterns, as revealed by the breath-sensing belts worn around each participant’s chest or abdomen. Drawing Breath: Triptych was exhibited in Strange Attractors group exhibition (curated by Antoanetta Ivanova), at Zendai Museum of Modern Art, Shanghai, China.

Drawing Breath, 2004 (with John Tonkin), – via Vimeo