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Distillery: Waveforming

George Poonkhin Khut

George Poonkhin Khut’s Distillery: Waveforming was originally developed as a device to assist children who were in hospital to undergo medical treatments. Comprised of a clip-on heart monitor, iPad and a specially developed program, this work enables the sitter to see a visual interpretation of their beating heart. This kind of set-up provides what is known as biofeedback.

With concentration and practice, participants are able to control their body’s stress reactions, particularly the pace and depth of their breathing and frequency of their cardiac cycle. Khut’s work has the powerful capability to assist users to become more aware of their body, enhance relaxation, and build focus. In a medical context, the device can help increase an individual’s ability to control and distance their sense of pain and anxiety, particularly during painful rehabilitative and surgical procedures.

Distillery: Waveforming (Cardiomorrphologies iOS) - without graphs, – via Vimeo 
Distillery: Waveforming - video portraits, – via Vimeo