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Alex Davies

How does the presence of others, real or imagined, trigger distinct emotional responses?
How much are we really aware of our immediate surroundings as constructed realities?
To what extent are our senses conditioned to interpret situations?

"Dislocation is a mixed reality installation that extends the bounds of sound and image technology to construct and manipulate truths through illusion. The work examines how physical and emotional responses can be induced by controlled artificial environments.

Peering into the portals of Dislocation, we become auto-voyeurs. As we watch, we see and hear scenarios play out behind us but turn around, and the room is empty. The simultaneous presence and absence of these phantoms defies rational thought or experience and creates a haunting atmosphere. Meticulously mapped, and programmed to layer pre-recorded sequences with real-time footage, Dislocation builds an environment of deception and uncertainty. Its subtlety and cunning displaces our reliance upon, and trust of our own distinct emotional responses to the presence of others."

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