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Mari Velonaki

Diamandini is an interactive robotic artwork. She is 155cm high, unrealistically slender, youthful in appearance although her exact age is uncertain—she could be between 18 and 30 years old. Diamandini’s look derives from of an amalgamation of elements of classical sculpture with futuristic undertones. She is entirely made of a homogeneous porcelain-like material that makes her look more like a floating figurine than a robot. Spectators can enter the installation space where Diamandini is moving about in a smooth, choreographed manner. Her movement is accompanied by soundscapes generated from within her. When a spectator approaches her, she responds physically by turning towards the person and gently moving closer to them or by avoiding the person and floating in the opposite direction. The dialogical approach taken in this project between the audience and Diamandini is that of physically sharing and negotiating the gallery space.

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