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Current State of Affairs

Mari Velonaki

A work about a symbiotic relationship between heterogeneous elements, which is a recurrent theme in my work.

A copper structure that houses a full-length mirror is placed against a gallery wall. A row of six round incandescent globes crown the top of the mirror. The globes are brightly lit. As a spectator approaches the mirror for a closer look, s/he sees drops and rivulets of water trickling down from the electrified globes, with droplets falling to the surface of a water-filled tank embedded in the base of the copper structure. The droplets generate a continuous and ever-changing soundscape as they fall and splash into the water. Metallic resonances ring throughout the space in counterpoint with ‘bassy’ undertones, renewed with every droplet. By extending their hands, visitors can catch lukewarm droplets landing on their palms—at the same time they actively influence and can even still the soundscape.

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