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CRT: h’ommage to Léon Theremin (CRT)

Robin Fox

Robin Fox is one of Australia’s leading artists in audio-visual performance, sound and computer music. His diverse practice has led to research in acoustic compositions for cochlear implant users at the Bionic Ear Institute in Melbourne, commissioned interactive audio-visual performances for festivals worldwide and the release of seven experimental sound albums and a critically acclaimed DVD of audio-visual films.

CRT: h’ommage to Léon Theremin (2012) continues the artist’s research into the Russian physicist and inventor’s early experimentations in sound and vision in the 1920s and 30s. In this work Fox combines the two major elements of Termin’s research – the idea of an electronic musical instrument controlled by remote movement similar to the Theremin named after its inventor and the cathode ray tube (CRT) television set – to create a highly responsive interactive audio visual installation that literally transforms human movement into a celebration of light and sound