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Continuous Sound and Image Moments

Jeffrey Shaw

With Tjebbe van Tijen.

Continuous Sound and Image Moments is a hand-drawn black-and-white animated film loop with no beginning or end. Conceived as a cinematic expansion of pictorial means, the process of making thousands of drawings (rather than any individual picture) is the subject of the aesthetic experience. Each image is shown for only a few frames, constituting momentary retinal impressions that assimilate in time into an insubstantial yet coherent multiformity. The film was later used in many events/performances and situations/installations such as Emergences of Continuous Forms (1966), Disillusion of a Fish Pond (1967), Glove Screen (1967), Corpocinema (1967) and MovieMovie (1967).


Music: Willem Breuker


1966: Kasteelhoeve Beek en Donk, Netherlands; Better Books, London, UK.

1967: 26 Kingly Street Gallery, London, UK; Corpocinema, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Netherlands; MovieMovie, 4th International Experimental Film Festival, Knokke-le-Zoute, Belgium.

1983: Film en Kunst, t'Hoogt, Utrecht, Netherlands.