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Communication as Sharing of Conscious Experience of Energy

1 August 197331 August 1973

Bush Video Tharunka XL-5, August 1973, pp.6-9.

This article was written by Mick Glasheen for the World Design Science Decade Think-In, London, July 1967, and has since been printed by the World Game and the International Times as well as the Bush Video issue of Tharunka (from which it has been extracted).


Universe: The Sum of Man's Experience

Universe is the aggregate of all humanity's all time, consciously apprehended and communicated experience.
Universe is finite because it is the sum total of finitely furnished experiences. - Universe though finite is a nonsimultaneous structure – ergo, unitarily unpatternable – ergo, conceptually unthinkable – ergo, undefinable. This is to say undefinable does not mean infinite or un-finite. It means that definability – de-finite is a sub-set of finite – ergo, pattern de-finition is a subdivision of finite-yet-unitarily-undefinable universe. The definable conception is therefore the first thinkable sub-set functioning of universe.
The physicist's Law of Conservation of Energy which states that energy may be neither created nor destroyed – ergo is finite – embraces only the physical aspects of experience.
My definition embraces both the physical and metaphysical, the latter being all the weightless experiences of thought.
The metaphysical includes a mind extracted, refiningly concentrated and consciously formulated anti-entropic generalizations, in a hierarchy of progressively contracting degree, which most economically describe the workings of the metaphysical sub-division of universe. [Buckminster Fuller]

– man has no nature but his own history – his total history, electronically, this total history is now potentially present in a kind of simultaneous transparency that carries us into a world of "heliotropic nought time".  [Marshall McLuhan]

Humanity: Universal Anti-Entropic Function

Is the human an accidental "Theatre goer" who happened in on the "Play of Life" – to like it or not: – or does humanity perform an essential function in universe? We find the latter to be true.

By entropy, we refer to the experimentally demonstrated physical behaviours covered by the second law of thermodynamics and the latter's disclosure of the omni-accelerating-acceleration of the diffusion of physical energy patternings of universe – spoken of by the mathematical physicist as the "Law of Increase of the Random Element", which may also be called the "Law of Expanding Universe".

By anti-entropy, we refer to the omni-accelerating-acceleration of the clarifyingly differentiated and inter-communicated, experience derived, pattern cognitions of the human mind which progressively disclose the orderly complex of omni-interactive, pure, weightless and apparently eternal principles governing the intellectual design and operation of the seemingly and "suggestively" only-infinitely self-regenerative universe.

We may call this metaphysical phenomenon – which continually simplifies and contracts the generalized description of principles apparently operative in all the special case experiences – "the Law of Decreasing Confusion", or the "Law of Intellectual Conservation", or the "Law of the Contracting Universe", or the "Law of Diminishing Chaos", or the "Law of Progressive Order", or the "Law of Contractively Orderly Generalizations”.

While gravity's effects are physically measurable, the concept of gravity is in itself unweighable.

Metaphysics and physics are thus seen to co-function, to progressively conserve the self-regeneration of non-simultaneously and overlappingly evolving universe.

Man's function in universe is that of the metaphysical, anti-entropic function. He is essential to the conservation of universe which is in itself an intellectual conception.  [Buckminster Fuller]

"E=MC2. This said that the total of local system energy is the product of all concentric local systems of energy's self-interfered, shunt-holding patterns (M for mass) as multiplied by the entirely non interfered local omnidirectional velocity of surface growth of an omnidirectional, outward-bound spherical wave of radiant energy in terms of second power of radial wave module frequency growth rate."

M equals all the locally complex, concentric, self-associative, unique holding patterns of all energy, and C equals all the eccentrically disassociative individual patternings of all energy (C being the radial or linear speed of radiant energy, which is approximately 186,000 mps).  [Buckminster Fuller]


Universe is an all energy accounting system.

E=MC². This said –
In the inherently subjective language of physical transformation of an omni-interaltering and accelerating universe there are only two fundamental kinds of observable transformational changes, i.e. angular, or sub-unity alterations and linear or plural unity (frequency modulated) accelerations. These subjectively viewed transformations of universe are also designed angle and frequency modulations.

Angular patterns are the locally complex, concentric, self-associative, unique holding patterns of all energy, and frequency patterns are the eccentrically disassociative individual patterns of all energy.

Matter: angularly cohesive gravitational inwardly shunted chordal patternings.

Energy: the linear acceleration of an omnidirectional radiant wave.

Life: an energy capturing anti-entropic omnidirectional radiant wave growth system. [Buckminster Fuller]

"Life is a partial continuous, progressive, multiform and conditionally interactive, self realization of the potentialities of atomic electron states."  [J. D. Bernal]

The dual and regenerative human functioning as successive, high frequency, subjective and objective, (subconscious and conscious) which altogether provide angular range finding and the teleologic irreversibility of human articulations are implemented exclusively by two principles with which humanity modifies his forward experiences in Universe in preferred ways. The two physical principles by which alone man may alter his ever evolving environment are those of angular and frequency modulations. Angular modulation (c.f. ruddering) is erroneously spoken of by man as spatial modification. Frequency of event modulation is erroneously spoken of by humanity as time modfication. These capabilities of man's senses, brain and mind, provide the basis for his strategically selective differentiations of experiences. The human's subjective experiences are teleologically and spontaneously transformed into objective alterations of the evolutionary environment – to most effectively support man's unique brain and mind functioning in universe in the anti-entropic role.

It is our intent to so design or control the angles and frequencies of the evolving environment events that the spontaneous reflexing of society will result in all men enjoying all of Earth – and the progressive reaches of the universe about it without mutual interference with one another’s degrees of subjective and objective freedoms.


Because of the incessant wheeling about of humans first in the womb, then in the baby carriage, then on foot, in the auto and ship and plane roundabout a spinning earth in a spinning solar system within an involuting – evoluting, spiralling spinning galaxy, totally inventoried experiences are inherently omnidirectional when considered as the sum of observational orientations. [Buckminster Fuller]

But the world, mind, is was and will be writing its own wrunes for ever, man, on all matters that fall under the ban of our infrarational senses. [James Joyce: Finnegans Wake]

The whool of the whaal in the wheel of the wold of the Boubou from Bourneum has thus come to taon! [James Joyce: Finnegans Wake]

Apollo to the Moon

We have been rapt in the "artifice of eternity” by the placing of our own nervous system around the entire globe.

The first satellite ended "Nature" in the old sense. "Nature" became the content of a manmade environment. From that moment, all terrestrial phenomena were to become increasingly programmed artifacts and every facet of human life now comes within the scope of the artisticogion." [Marshall McLuhan]

Humanity is taking off – from its flounder, snail, and crablike existence, only around the two dimensional bottom of the sky ocean world – into its self-interference free four dimensional occupancy of universe. [Buckminster Fuller]

Towards a General Theory of Communication

Within the general system's network of all energy-experience universe, “communication" has been defined as "the sharing of conscious experience of energy". The communication process is the moving of this energy-experience information from a sender to a receiver. We have proposed that this process consists of four sets of events:

1) RECEPTION of energy message from the universe.

2) CODIFICATION of these received messages into patterns.

3) TRANSMISSION of these codified pattern messages by information-symbol-tools transmitted by media.

4) TRANSACTION of these information-symbols by a society-culture acting on the energy environment.

Of course, this is a linear statement of what is in fact a continually regenerative feedback cycling of the reception, transmission, re-en-de-codification, action re-action-transmission of energy experience information messages. Consideration of the angle and frequency variables for each event elucidates this continual energy-message frequency modulation by angular constraints.

Now, to further describe the events in the communication process by discovered relevant quotations, and brief consideration of the angle and frequency variables in each event:

The Communication Process

1. Reception

"Everything in nature has motion - not just casual motion but motion that is rhythmic and unending, following a precise pattern or cycle. If we set a pendulum in motion it is not difficult to count the number of strokes, or cycles, in a given period of time. Similarly it is quite easy to observe and time such natural cycles of natural phenomena become greatly faster or slower, or as the phenomena being studied become impossible to observe with man's unaided senses, then we must find other means of observing or calculating these cycles. Much of all basic scientific knowledge can be encompassed within what man has learned of these cycles of motion..." [John J. Grebe]

". . . everything that exists and happens in the world, every object and every, every plant and animal organism, almost continually emits its characteristic identifying signals." [Lawrence K. Frank]

". . . the conscious 'world' is in fact energy radiantly manifest at relative rates of retarded speed . . ." [Buckminster Fuller]

The all-energy universe continually emits radiant wave frequencies - some of whose signals man consciously receives, and decodes into a generalized pattern or "cycles" of "motion", which he has encoded into the electromagnetic spectrum - a linear chart indicating the frequencies in cycles per second of all radiant energies and the narrow spectrum bands of light and sound within which man can "sensorially monitor" with his naked sense receptor's angular channel constraints...

"A sound – travelling first in air, then by way of middle-ear bones and oval window into the fluids of the spinal cochleæ – generates a wave in the basilar membrane. The basilar membrane bellies in and out, carrying along the complex of tissues above it. The hair cells of the organ of Corti move with the basilar membrane. But the hairs have their tops embedded in the tectorial membrane and their roots fixed in the hair cells, so they cannot side. Instead, the motion of the basilar membrane bends and twists and pulls and pushes the hairs. Under these physical stresses the hairs generate electricity, and the electrical signals stimulate the auditory nerve. Eventually and deviously – the electrical signals running through the auditory nerve stimulate the hearing centres of the brain..." [Sound and Hearing, Life Science Library]

“The visual pattern recognition capacity of the eye lens and correlated brain function has been progressively extended and amplified through the simple magnifying lens to the microscope and telescope, through the camera lucida and obscura to the photographic and television camera, and towards sophisticated systems which record, amplify and relate complex visual and aural patterns of great magnitude.
This development also encompasses the ways in which man has widened his 'sensorial' monitoring to the electro-magnetic spectrum through instrumentation. He can now 'see' into the infra-red, ultra-violet and x-ray frequencies, 'hear' in the radio frequencies, and, may more delicately 'feel' through electronic metering than with his most sensitive skin areas. [Buckminster Fuller]

“... The world can be thought of as a myriad of To Whom It May Concern messages." [Norbert Wiener]

These radiant frequency waves emitted from the environment impinge upon man's sense receptors, whose angularly co-ordinated channel constraints determine which wave lengths are directly apprehendable, e.g. as described above, the sound-generated frequency wave in the biocular membrane is recorded by the bending and twisting, pulling and pushing – angular constraining of the hair cells. This channel constraint limitation is relatively overcome by man’s sense extension instruments which angularly modulate the previously non-sensorial frequency bands into sensorially tunable perceptivity limits e.g. microscope's angularly focusing lens modulates impinging light waves.

2. Codification

“... sensory relays recode sensory messages, extracting signals of high relative entropy from the highly redundant sensory input – so that redundancy is reduced but comparatively little information lost ... the sensory relays try to ensure that what they pass on really is NEWS . . ." [Sensory Communication]

"Man's brain is a multi-frequency (four sensory ranges) – scanning (T.V.) integration, continually operating in co-ordination with a multitude of memory (kinescope taped) T.V. scanners. The whole array of new and memory T.V.'s is frequency monitored by an angular and frequency modulated pattern commonality scoring and score-predicting conceptual co-ordination capability. The T.V. co-ordinates conceptual capability includes a score-guessing and score guess testing faculty, as well as a strategic-tests-contriving-pattern consideration, all of which conceptual patterning proclivities are self-started and regenerated by synergetical intellection. Generalized systematic conceptuality's omni-directional relationships are only angularly configured and are independent of size or dimension." [Buckminster Fuller]

"In this manner, said I: although these variegated bodies in the heavens are deemed the most beautiful and the most accurate of the kind, yet (as they are only part of the visible world) are far inferior to the real beings which are carried in those orbits in which real velocity, and real slowness, in true number, and in all true forms, work with respect to one another, and carry all things that are within them: which latter things truly are to be comprehended by reason and the intellectual power, but not by sight: or do you think they can? By no means, replied he." [The Republic of Plato, Book VII]

The sensed radiant energy frequency wave messages are decoded into conscious experience by intellect. Thinking is F.M. – frequency modulation. It is the tuning-out of the myriad of relevant energy-message frequency variable perceived by the sense receptors to leave a residue of tuned-in or accepted feedback messages which are encoded into generalized abstract angular patterns. Intellection is cumulative pattern apprehension. Thought is perceptions of patterns in universe, the codifying of energy experience messages into generalized abstract angular patterns.

3. Transmission

"In the beginning was the word" – might be changed to "In the beginning of industrialization was the word"
The first atmospheric wave propagating, ear diaphragm receiving, physical formulation of an abstract teleologic device invented entirely by intellect's anticipatory conceptioning of its usefulness and by man's subsequent conscious (fading off into sub-conscious) disciplining of muscles and nerves." [Buckminster Fuller]

“the spoken word was the first technology by which man was able to let go of his environment in order to grasp it in a new way. Words are a kind of information retrieval that can range over the total environment and experience at high speed ... By means of translation of immediate sense experience into vocal symbols the entire world can be evoked at any instant... [Marshall McLuhan]

... Just as writing is an extension and separation of our most neutral and objective sense, the sense of sight, number is an extension and separation of our most intimate and interrelating activity, our sense of touch. [Marshall McLuhan]

... If the human ear can be compared to a radio receiver that is able to decode electromagnetic waves and recode them as sound, the human voice may be compared to a radio transmitter in being able to translate sound into electromagnetic waves . . ." [Marshall McLuhan]

Thought's abstract angular patterns are encoded by symbol patterns which extend, translate and evoke a sensed energy frequency experience. These symbols (“physical formulations of an abstract teleologic device ...”) are transmitted by energy frequency waves (“atmospheric wave propagating”) modulated by angularly co-ordinated channel constraints ("disciplining of muscles and nerves") into preferred patterns of symbol articulation. Man extends the frequency modulation capacity of these transmitting channels by his communication-tool instruments-media.

4. Transaction

“Society can only be understood through a study of the messages and the communication facilities which belong to it . . ." [Norbert Weiner]

“Culture may be defined as a distinctive pattern of living, whose shared components are attitudes, values, goals, institutions, and modes of communication. These would also include the 'style' of living as influenced by those man-made environmental control elements and products in common usage". [John McHale]

"The forum of public interaction may be thought of as a cultural marketplace where senders and receivers seek each other out. There must be an element of the unexpected in the messages delivered there, a bit of a surprise, for most of the receivers or their time is wasted. … The potential for surprise in messages, as measured by various adaptations of Shannon's technique, may serve intuitively as an index of cultural value ...” [Richard Meir]

"the true wealth of world man is mathematically inventoriable as his physically organized ability to protect and satisfy his forward, inexorable, metabolic and intellectual regeneration needs, – which is statable in per capita forward days, safely and adequately anticipated." [Buckminster Fuller]

“Information is a name for the content of what is exchanged with the outer world as we adjust to it, and make our own adjustment felt upon it ... to live effectively is to live with adequate information." [Norbert Weiner]

The myriad of energy experience information symbols are encoded into communication network patterns of social transactions, by culture. Culture is frequency modulation. It is the tuning out of irrelevant message symbols to a residue of tuned-in messages which are encoded into "the distinctive patterns of living". These patterns are translated and transmitted by "attitudes, values, goals, institutions, modes of communication, and environmental controls" which, with tools, angularly modulate the energy environment in preferred patterns for metabolic and intellectual survival frequency desires and needs.

Message-Media Match

We now come to a more specific soft sell. In the last section it was indicated how man's naked sense receptors receive radiant energy wave frequencies only within a limited band of wavelengths, how the brain decodes nerve signals by tuning its frequency oscillations to leave residual pathways in the neural network mosaic, how energy information messages are produced by modulation of the channel constraints of the communication tools, and how a society-culture survives by adapting its pattern of living and information conservation to the total energy environment. In all cases the most efficient reception, codification, transmission, and transaction of energy experience is when the channel constraints are best adapted to the energy frequency messages.

Could the harmonious tuning of the angular channel constraints be so perfectly matched to the energy frequency messages, that this energy-experience information could be received, codified, transmitted, and transacted in direct angle and frequency terms? We would move closer to a generalized energy language and Galileo's dream of the language of the universe.

This already happens. We receive and codify pure energy messages. We transmit and transact arbitrary energy – meaningless symbols. Just as we naturally (and unconsciously) tune the constraints of our sense receptors and neural network to match the message input, so should we tune our communication tools and live our lives.

Perhaps this idea is a corollary of Buckminster Fuller's conception of energy and “synergy" – as energy represents the behaviour of the separate parts of the universe, synergy can be defined as: "the behaviour of whole systems unpredicted by the separate behaviour in isolation, of their component parts."

In the same way as synergy produces unexpected energy advantages of strength and stability – harmonious tuning of channel constraints to message frequency produced unexpected resonance, amplification, and harmony.

Man naturally tunes the constraints of his sense receptors to energy frequency messages. For example, the ear differentiates between high and low frequency sounds by matching the "wave-like" ripple frequency induced in the basilar membrane to its torsional constraints:

"At some -point in the hearing process, the ear must differentiate between high-frequency and low frequency sound, so that the proper information may be passed along to the brain. This discrimination occurs when sound pressure activates the basilar membrane, one of the two walls of the spiral cochlean duct. The membrane is light and taut at the end near the stirrup and thick and loose at the other. Hydraulic pressure waves in the cochlea induce a wave-like ripple in the basilar membrane which travels from the taut towards the loose end. High tones create their greatest crests where the membrane is tight, low tones where the wall in slack. The position of the highest crest is important because it determines which nerve fibres will send the final sound signals to the brain." [Sound and Hearing, Life Science Library]

Man adopts the same strategy for his sense extension instruments. For example, a radio telescope tuning in on low frequency signals from a quasar: "A neat system compares the noise from the stars with a source of electrical noise deliberately produced. An ordinary electric valve serves as the source; the stream of electrons, which calls on the positively charged plate of the valve, gives rise to minute variations in the current, as random as the waves from the sky. The current through the valve is adjusted so that its noise exactly matches the radio noise collected by the aerial. So the current is a measure of the level of the incoming signal." [Nigel Calder]

On x-ray diffraction photography as tuning in to the electron frequencies of crystals: "When a handful of pebbles falls on a drum-skin there is a general coarse noise, but at the same time the natural tones or frequencies of the drum come out quite strongly. When elections strike a target, they produce a 'noise' of x-rays, but there is also a quality in the x-rays that is characteristic of the material of which the target is made." [Nigel Calder]

And the new cameraless photographic process called holography which uses the highly coherent light from a laser to diffract the wavefronts of light coming from a scene and records on light-sensitive film the light waves themselves to produce a three dimensional picture, seems a perfect example of the channel constraints of a recepting medium tuning to the energy message frequency:

"Light has a wavelike character, like an alternating electric current. To describe the light emanating from a source or reflected from an object it is necessary to state both the amplitude of the waves and their phase. All optical detectors, such as the eye, photocells and photographic film, respond only to intensity, which is a long time average of the square of the amplitude. When squared, a negative amplitude yields the same intensity as a positive amplitude of the same magnitude. Thus the information captured by the eye or a piece of photographic film is incomplete.
To recapture the lost information on the phases of the wavefronts it is necessary to add a second uniform optical field of coherent light sufficiently powerful to make the amplitudes of the original and added fields everywhere positive....
To make a hologram, coherent light, such as that emitted by a laser, is split into two beams. The signal beam is diffracted by the object of which a hologram is to be made so that an apparently haphazard pattern of wavefronts flows from the object to the film plate in which the hologram will be recorded. The reference beam is directed straight at the hologram plate where it interferes with the signal beam, the wavefronts of the two beams either augmenting each other to leave a bright spot on the film or cancelling out to leave a dark spot. The resulting fine speckled pattern contains information describing the wavefronts themselves, whereas ordinary photography can record only light intensity. …"  [B. J. Thompson and G. B. Parrent, Jr.- Holography, Science Journal, January 1967]

In holography, information is received in direct frequency and angle terms. Omnidirectionally expanding waves of light frequency messages are frozen on the film plate by the angular interference patterns they make with the reference beam. A hologram transmits direct waves at angles: "The fine structure of the hologram acts as a highly complicated diffraction grating and generates wavefronts which depart from the hologram at different angles . . ." These light energy wave messages are tuned by frequency modulation: (or, more accurately phase modulation).

"Just as an electric wave can be modulated to serve as a carrier of information (about sound, say), so can the interferometrically produced wave pattern be modulated to serve as a carrier of information about the light waves that produced it."

Holography, has many extraordinary message matching medium properties – because every point on the hologram sends light to every point on the hologram, if the film is broken into pieces each piece can reconstitute the entire original image – it's like DNA reproduction; which it is also like in its non-negative printing – if the hologram is treated as a negative and used to make a positive print on a second piece of glass film the positive will again reconstruct the original scene, not a black/white reversal, because the original film record is the result of interfering two sets of coherent waves to produce a modulated interference pattern just as two radio emissions can interfere to produce a modulated carrier wave whose information is not effected by changing the polarity; because it is an image of the omnidirectionally expanding wave fronts of light no focusing is required to record events that occur anywhere within a given volume – could it be used to visually image "the omnidirectional universal maelstrom of non-simultaneous ... wave frequency patternings of Universe" [Buckminster Fuller]

We've said so much about holography because it is a perfect example of the harmonious matching of a media's channel constraints to the energy message frequencies, incurring tremendous synergetical advantages. It is not a very well known phenomenon, having been developed only in the last few years although originally proposed by Dennis Gabor twenty years ago, yet it seems it will be an important medium in man's future direct confrontation with energy. Imagine storing all received light energy experience in multi-image holograms recording growth, change, wave cycles ... and transmitting them via global individually computer controlled 3DTV ... a TV hologram of the happenings inside your head. "Come and take a great step outside your mind ...” (The Monkees). As well as an instrument to probe new energy environments, we have a tool with which to create them – a tool for the energy environment modulating artists to perfectly visualise the future.

"With the introduction of laser holography which recreates a visual experience in full dimension, we may begin to return to a much more ancient way of experiencing our movement through space and our duration in time. Process and flow may replace bits and pieces. The ray of the laser beam may melt our fragmented world back into a cohesive experience again; and the artist will have to find some new dimension to explore."  [Telemobility, Kaiser Aluminium Company]


The tuning of the sense receptors is a function of the brain nerve cells – motor neurons which spark the contraction of muscles, sensory nerves which receive and transmit light, heat, pressure and other sense impulses, and interneurons, the most numerous, which interconnect the more specialized types and make up of the brain ... as-the sense receptors naturally modulate their channels to accommodate incoming energy frequency messages, the brain must similarly operate by a process of "serial matching". From the last section, where the brain was considered as a kind of internal map of the environment where external sensations produced mosaic patterns of discharging nerve cells, etc, we can infer that the brain does function by some sort of nerve signal tuning messages to the neural medium:

"The situations that we call painful or unpleasant are those in which we cannot fit the input of nerve-impulses to our set of rules. In the terminology of these lectures they are the situations of doubting or uncertainty. Since there is no fit we seek to make one by every sort of expedient we can devise, if only by ascribing the disorder to some agent that we call the "pain" within us ... in so far as we can visualize the process of fitting input to the rules it seems to involve some kind of serial matching, in which as much as possible is fitted and what is left over is then fed back through the machine again.” [J. Z. Young]

Recent probes into the brain's energy environment by molecular biologists have uncovered more specific evidence of such several matching: ". . . such wired in instinctive networks as the optic, motion and emotional centres of the brain are direct products of the genetically coded DNA-RNA-protein factory of the cell and its differentiated development. It now seems equally obvious to many of the new biologists that, in more devious and elusive ways specific molecules shaped by the DNA-RNA messages also act as the medium for carrying on all the brain's functions of memory, learning and even thought.” [Lawrence Lessing]

The DNA-RNA communication process is the ultimate medium harmoniously tuned to message!

Giant linear molecules of deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) codify the total genetic information governing the form and function of every living cell and organism in double stranded helical ladders of four chemicals, adenine, thymine, guanine and cytosine which are repeated in 64 different sequences along the molecule (now all identified – the genetic code has been cracked!). This information is transferred in short sequences, as needed, to strips of ribonucleic acid (RNA), which act as templates for moulding the thousands of specific proteins making up a particular cell or organism.

The codification of genetic information along the strands of the DNA molecule is the ultimate language! – but at present nature's cipher which man is translating with the aid of Information Theory:

"Proteins have properties which make them especially attractive from the standpoint of information theory. They are constructed as a message, since they consist of some definite arrangement of about 20 different amino acid residues. Thus, the protein molecule could be looked upon as the message and the amino acid residues as the alphabet. For example, we do not know if the letters of this alphabet (the amino acids) are arranged in words within the message or not, that is, we know nothing of the redundancy characteristics of the protein molecule." [Herman R. Branson]

As we shall see in the next part, information theory considers the amount of information contained in a message as a function of the frequency probability of occurrence of symbols – the more probable the less information. Here with proteins as linear messages and amino acids as symbols, the relative frequencies of amino acids and their inter-symbol influence will determine the information content of protein messages.

Such considerations of DNA information codification of relative frequencies of amino acids seem similar to Buckminster Fuller's theory of thought codifications:

"Thinking is FM – frequency modulation – for it results in tuning out irrelevances as a result of definitive resolution of the exclusively tuned-in or accepted feedback messages pattern differentiability." and, "Intellections are cumulative pattern apprehensions and are synergetically integrative as wisdom." seems to further indicate the inherent relationship between thought patterns and DNA patterns which he proposes to be: "omnitetrahedronal structuring as a triple bonded linear tetrahedronal array and the four unique quanta corners may explain DNA's dichotomy transferred T, A. G, C patterning control of all biological species reproductions."  [Buckminster Fuller]

DNA's role as pattern maker for both living cells and abstract conceptions empirically closes the gap between life and thought. Evolution as the rise of consciousness can be understood as the progress of efficiency of information codification of amino acid sequences. Universe as the accumulated sum of man's consciously apprehended experiences can be understood as the interactions of specially coded RNA molecules in the nerve cells of the neural network.

DNA reproduction thought-processing is the ultimate message – harmoniously-tuned-to channel. – A perfect synthesis of medium and message resulting in unforeseen synergetical advantages of anti-entropy information about energy order which is used to devise new evolutionary adaptations to more efficiently modulate the energy environment.

"Looking at the long course of evolution it seems that by the process of variation and selection populations have been produced that are able to support life under continually more and more difficult conditions. There is a certain parallel between this finding of new environments by evolution and by the formation of new associations in the brain. In the brain, by association and learning, things that were not previously significant for life are made to become so." [J. Z. Young]

The synergetic anticipatory capabilities of intellect (in respect to conceptual formulations of evolutionary transforming potentials of universe and the anticipatory strategems evolved by intellect to test such hypotheses) imply the possibility of a velocity transcendence of omniscient functioning over omnipotence functioning which could mean an intellectually regenerated evolutionary extension of universe in generalized synergetical integrity. Intellect's comprehensive anticipatory objectivities indicate a speed of functioning transcendental to physical events. Intellect may be “creating" finitely extending and re-fining universe as it asks each next good question." [Buckminster Fuller]

"Thought might artificially perfect the thinking instrument itself; life might rebound forward under the collective effect of its reflection." [Teilhard de Chardin]


Are these examples of transmitting channel constraints tuned to frequency messages?

"Resonance is that special case of forced vibration where the natural frequency of the system corresponds to the frequency of activation – the larynx provides a sound compounded of many frequencies of vibration. The head cavities resonate to some of these frequencies and not to others. By changing the shape and size of these cavities we change the resonant frequencies, and the sounds that leave our mouths have different proportions of the various harmonies. The quality of the vowels depends upon what harmonies are reinforced." [G. A. Miller]

"An Arab is anyone whose mother tongue is Arabic," says Gamal Abdel Nasser. It is not only the chief bond, but a chief source of trouble. Its whole stress is on rhetoric and resonance, not meaning and content. How poetically an Arab speaks is far more important than what he says. "In Arabic", asserts one specialist, "the medium squared is the message." [Arabia Decepta: A People Self-Deluded, Time Essay, July 14, 1967]

"The listener selects a station by tuning his receiver to the appropriate frequency. An electric circuit consisting of a coil of wire and a condenser has a natural frequency of its own, that is to say it will carry an alternating current at one particular frequency much more readily then any other. A condenser is simply an arrangement of metal plates. The tuning knob controls the plates in such a circuit, and by moving it the 'resonant' frequency is changed." [Nigel Calder]

Some of us naturally and harmoniously frequency modulate our messages by the transmitting channel constraints. All of us can electrically. In the last section we saw how the new electronic communication tools are providing us with the medium for a new language of energy experience. Our hypothesis of communication as the sharing of conscious experience of energy is tentatively validated by electricity's integration of energy and information:

"the very idea of communication as interplay is inherent in the electrical, which combines energy and information in its intensive manifold - today it is the instant speed of electricity that, for the first time permits easy recognition of the patterns and the formal contours of change and development.” [Marshall McLuhan]

Thus, says McLuhan, electric light is pure information, the medium is the message.

OK. We like transmitted media messages of pure energy information. But what is the language of message-media inherent in the new electronic communication tool technology?

"- If TV were shut off could that end the war in Vietnam – and at the same time set back the Civil Rights movements?
McLuhan: Oh, yes. But there is an alternative: Put hundreds of extra lines of the TV image, step up its visual intensity to a new hot level. This might serve to reverse the whole effect of TV. It might make the TV image photographic, slick, like moves: hot and detached. Bell Telephone are now operating with 8,000 line TV images, not 800, quite beyond the fidelity of any known photographic process." [Conversation with McLuhan, Encounter, June 1967]

OK. Different amounts of information elicit different responses. How many "bits of information" to various reactions? How is this related to the channel capacity of the human eye as it becomes another screen? The number of lines in a (horizontally scanned) picture determines the vertical resolution only; horizontal definition is a function of how many transitions from black to white can be accommodated in a single line, which is a function of how rapidly we are able to switch the picture tube electron beam on/off which is a function of bandwidth of the entire system which is a function of the carrier modulating frequency.

By saying "the medium is the message" is a good comprehensive aphorism and implies the harmonious relationship between the transmitted signals and the channel capacity, but it isn't a specific communication tool for the showing of energy experience.

Although McLuhan criticizes information theory as being too concerned with content and not form, it does elucidate content and also indicates ways of harmoniously relating them – tuning the messages to the channel constraints – the medium becoming the message maybe.

Information theory is concerned with the efficient encoding of messages, whether they are sequences of amino acids or dots and dashes of electric current. It seems to be sufficiently generalized to be able to include all energy frequency messages.

It considers messages to emanate from an "ergodic" source which is analogous to the non-simultaneous universe event patternings:

". . . an ergodic source is a hypothetical machine which produces an infinite number of or ensemble of infinite sequences of characters." [DeFleur and Larsen]

It adopts Fourier analysis to define change in terms of energy wave transformations:

". . . any variation of a quantity with time can be accurately represented as the sum of a number of sinusoidal variations of different amplitudes, phases, and frequencies. The quantity concerned might be the displacement of a vibrating string, the height of a surface of a rough ocean, the temperature of an electric iron, of the current and voltage in a telephone or telegraph wire...” [DeFleur and Larsen]

Then it precisely defines the amount of information in any message, from random events to an energy wave, as the logarithm of the number of possible messages or amplitudes, which is the number of YES/NO choices, which is the amount of information measured in "bits"

How, then, is “information" defined? In the mathematical theory a unique conception is formulated, somewhat distinct from that previously defined for our purposes. Quantity of information is related not to what is being said but to what could be said. That is, information is a measure of the freedom of choice a source exercises in the selection of a message. More specifically, information is measured by the logarithm (to the base 2) of the number of available choices. A unit of information is called a "bit" (condensation of “binary digit"). A two choice situation is characterized by one "bit” of information. In like manner, if one has available say 8 alternative messages among which he is equally free to choose, then since 8 = 2³ so that log2 8 = 3, one notes that this situation is characterized by 3 bits of information.

The average number of these bits, per symbol or per second necessary to encode the message produced by the source gives the "entropy", (which we met in the last section as measuring the disorder in matter). Here entropy is a measured choice – the choice the source exercises in selecting the one particular message that is actually transmitted, and measuring the uncertainty of the recipient as to which message will be received, or uncertainty that is resolved on receipt of the message. Entropy and information are identified by the same formula.

NOW if the entropy of a source is less than the channel capacity, messages from the source can be encoded so that they can be transmitted over the channel. This is the basic concept of information theory originated by Claude E. Shannon.

Shannon calls this the fundamental theorem of the noiseless channel. He states it as follows:
"Let a source have entropy H (bits per second) and a channel have a capacity [to transmit] C bits per second. Then it is possible to encode the output of the source in such a way as to transmit at the average rate (C/H) = E symbols per second over the channel, where E is arbitrarily small. It is not possible to transmit at an average rate greater than C/H.
Let us restate this without mathematical niceties. Any discreet channel that we may specify, whether it transmits binary digits, letters and numbers, or dots, dashes, and spaces of certain distinct length has some particular unique channel capacity C. Any ergodic message has some particular entropy H. If H is less than or equal to C, we can transmit the messages generated by the source over the channel. If H is greater than C, we had better not try to do so, because we just plain can't." [DeFleur and Larsen]

Is not this fitting of the entropy to a unique channel capacity the tuning of a frequency message to channel constraints? We have powerful formula for the design of efficient communication transactions.

Although, communication engineers warn that their theories are purely intended to assist the encoding of electrical signals, could we tentatively proceed further to apply their formulae to consideration of the whole of the electromagnetic spectrum and man's energy experience?


“and the instrumented points to paradise show it to be a comprehensively coordinate dynamically equilibrious earnable vantage ever tuneably tunable amidst the reciprocal complexities of evolutionary, wave-frequency patterning growths . . . ',

Man, harmoniously, tunes himself to the “evolutionary, wave-frequency patterning growths" of the universe energy environment, because he himself is a miniature magnitude universe.

... each and every individual man appears possibly to be one of the individual sequence integrities of complex patterning consequences of all the alternatively permitted individual freedoms of equally elective patternings of total universe.

Thus man naturally and now consciously modulates harmonious transactions of energy and information with the environment – within their respective laws of conservation.

Firstly, of energy. As the great anti entropic, man reverses the entropy-increasing tendency of thermodynamics by the progressive precessional conversion of energy into work:

man is a "life long" visible patterning integrity which both corporeally and extra-corporeally redistributes and synergetically transforms in precessional patterns permitted in principle ... which he processes most often with subconsciously co-ordinated reflex routines, but which he now at this unique threshold moment in history consciously participates in to meagerly successful degree whose directional resultants often are precessionally “impulsive" in principle as are the locally dancing water molecules impulsively resultant in the abstract reality for instance of the swift porpoise gliding and some of which resultants in principle are known as the 'realities' of energy which are identified as a variety of unique “energy" effects.
Some of which abstract principle "energy" behaviour precessionally converts into "work" which he applies to the progressive conscious and subconscious participations of men in accelerating the local even patternings of apparently ever totally self-transforming patterns of evolution." [Buckminster Fuller]

Precession is defined as "pattern transformation at 90º to the lines of co-ordinated in-put action". For example, surfboard riding. Just as a board rider's movement "slant-wise across the waves’ abstractly "rolling" fronts at such an angle that the rate of coasting inwardly towards earth's centre is synchronizingly designed and co-ordinatingly governed by the "surf-boarders" angular learning to match the rates of "outward" local motions of each of the individual water molecules in respect to earth" – so does man's matching of his evolutionary adaptive environmental (angular) constraints to the wave frequencies of the energy environment enable him to ride the waves of evolution!

Secondly, of information. As the great accumulation of experience, man is on the threshold of accumulating all individual mens' experience in a total collective consciousness by the progressive realization of himself to be evolution conscious of itself.

"Consciousness rises through living beings: that was about all we were able to say. But from the moment the threshold of thought is crossed its progress becomes easier to unravel; for life has not only reached the rung on which we ourselves stand, but begins to overflow freely by its free activity beyond the boundary within which it has been confined by the exigencies of physiology. The message is more clearly written, and we are better able to follow it, because we recognise ourselves in it." [Teilhard de Chardin]

We have previously seen how such hypotheses of evolution-consciousness are being confirmed by scientific investigation, e.g. molecular biological evidence of neural processing of information as a DNA-RNA transfer. We are beginning "to recognise ourselves" in genetic code messages. Who will we recognise in the "message(s) more clearly written" along the helical strands of the DNA molecules in the nerve cells of our neural network!?

New expansions of consciousness are not pronouncements of mysticism:

“... one day man's brain may be provided with extrasensory equipment, such as a microwave receiver and transmitter devices, to extend his range of communication and put him in direct connection with his more and sophisticated information processing machines." [Lawrence Lessing]

But since hypotheses of "collectivity of consciousnesses" are statements of the harmonious tuning of individual human brain wave radiation to total universe energy integrity, their pronouncements are inherently poetic: "We are faced with a harmonized collectivity of consciousness equivalent to a sort of super-consciousness. The idea is that of the earth is not only becoming covered by myriads of grains of thought, but becoming enclosed in a single thinking envelope so as to form functionally, no more than a single vast grain of thought on the siderial scale, the plurality of individual reflections grouping themselves together and reinforcing one another in the act of a single unanimous reflection." [Teilhard de Chardin]

Global, two-way transmission individually computer-linked holographic TV will realise this potential – as almost did the Beatles "Our World" global TV transmission:

"Christ, when pressed for a "rule", said only ONE word, a dynamic word, – LOVE. Today this may be scientifically defined as the non-retarded, RADIATION OF PURE ENERGY, harmonically digestible and scientifically utilizable by all (man) through the selective and recompositional functioning of intellect." [Buckminster Fuller, Nine Chains to the Moon]


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Illustration from page 6 of the Bush Video Tharunka heading up the Mick Glasheen's article. (Illustration: Jo Collard and Mick Glasheen)
Illustration from page 6 of the Bush Video Tharunka heading up the Mick Glasheen's article. (Illustration: Jo Collard and Mick Glasheen) 
Front cover of the Bush Video Tharunka (image by Mick Glashen)
Front cover of the Bush Video Tharunka (image by Mick Glashen)