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Comfortable Discomfort

Kieran Gilfeather

Drawing influence from works by historical figures such as Eadweard Muybridge, Harold Edgerton and Andy Warhol, through to more contemporary influences such as Marcus Lyall, Manjari Sharma and Bill Viola, Comfortable Discomfort adopts the portraiture style into video form. By using the human face as portrait subject, and drug use as a common catalyst for interesting expression, form and change, Comfortable Discomfort combines the familiar, nostalgic and taboo.  As the undirected portrait subjects- spaning across age and gender are filmed during the act of drug use and immediately thereafter, the subjects personal method and apparatus come into play and create vast possibilities for individual styles and influences to effect the movements and expressions captured. Comfortable Discomfort strives to err away from any overly serious political or social commentary on drug use itself. Instead it strives to explore a more human experience and the nostalgia of it as a communal practice. 


Kieran Gilfeather, Comfortable Discomfort, 2013, digital video, audio, 4:51 min