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Bogan Proof Fences

Brendan Lee

Bogan Proof Fences is the title of a series presented in the exhibition as a continuous work. The narrative is non linear and the video and photographic artworks of Brendan Lee are an exploration of the evolutionary nature of Australian cultural identity.

In recent years, Lee has focused on investigating the unique undercurrents of society through commenting on groups and teams that are unique to Australia; it’s stereotypes and history. Speci cally, Lee’s ongoing project examines the cultural and historical differences between Larrikins, Bogans and Hoons, their approaches to competition, af liations and lmic references. Lee’s subject matter goes to the core of the Australian male’s competitive nature and looks outside of the mainstream for his references. Games of chance, motor sports and drinking contests are all subjects Lee brings to the forefront in his search for the Australian spirit. 


Brendan Lee, Bogan Proof Fences, 2008-2011, medium HD video, ratio 16:9, 44:00 min. Original score by Andrew McLaughlin.