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Berlin 2012

Frazer Bull-Clark

Berlin 2012 is a single channel video work that presents the walls of a train station from the view of a moving train. The work is a collaboration between myself and the artist and musician Advait Thakur, who grew up in Canberra and currently resides in the United States. I shot this footage several years ago on my iPhone from a train in Berlin while traveling. Advait’s music became a catalyst for a collaboration between the two of us and we exchanged ideas as to how the soundtrack might guide the images. The varied textures of the wall appear and disappear in a structured way, reacting to the rhythms of the soundtrack with the surfaces responding to the tonal changes in the song. I was initially struck by the vibrancy and diversity of the surfaces of the walls and in editing the footage I collected and grouped together a range of patterns as they appeared along different parts of the wall, with similar surfaces strung together from various clips having an effect similar to stop motion animation in the final edit. 

Fraser Bull-Clark, Berlin 2012, 2014, digital video, audio, 1:46 min