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Alex Gawronski

Presented at Whose Afraid of the Avant-Garde 3,  Performance Space, Sydney 2005; curated by Blair French

Live video from micro colour CCTV camera
Particle Board, timber, MDF, carpet, photographs, perspex, glass, PVC plastic, TV monitor, micro video-camera, light, motor, paint, Letraset, art magazines

As part of this overall installation, which is configured to suggest a waiting room, a micro colour CCTV camera is hidden under the lampshade and focused on a range of contemporary art magazines stacked under the coffee table in the middle of the room. A small motor is attached to the ceiling that continually flicks the video cable. The shaky video image is then relayed to a television set facing the row of chairs. 

Alex Gawronski, ANTI-Chamber, 2005.
Alex Gawronski, ANTI-Chamber, 2005.