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Anamorphoses of Memory

Jeffrey Shaw

With Dirk Groeneveld.

For the exhibition Kunst Over de Vloer artists were invited to create works in the rooms of a private apartment building. Anamorphoses of Memory was located in a sparse and untidy student's bedroom. A monitor was placed on a mattress on the floor with its screen facing upwards. On the monitor screen moving rows of text were anamorphically reflected onto a mirrored cylinder standing upright in the centre of the screen. These texts moved outwards from the centre of the screen in concentric circles. Reflected on the cylinder, they became vertically scrolling sentences which could be read by the viewers. The texts were written specially by Dirk Groeneveld and evoked certain erotic contingencies performed in this bedroom. Credits:

Software: Gideon May


1986: Kunst Over de Vloer, Entrepotdok, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

1987: Municipal Art Aquisitions, Fodor Museum, Amsterdam, Netherlands.