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Ambient Alphabet (c of meaning)

Peter Callas

Ambient Alphabet (c of meaning) (1992), 5:16 mins, Tokyo.

Commissioned by Ring World, Tokyo, Ambient Alphabet was designed for multi-screen installations in public places such as shopping centres and railway terminals. The piece is a reflection on the appropriation of the English language in Japan. It presents the alphabet laid out: as if to say “do what you will with it”. Ra’s music is based on the hypnotic Balinese “Kecak” dance, which was choreographed in the 1930s by the German artist Walter Spies - but which passes these days as an “authentic” Balinese art form. [Peter Callas]

Frame from Ambient Alphabet (c_of_meaning), (1992). (c) Peter Callas.
Frame from Ambient Alphabet (c_of_meaning), (1992). (c) Peter Callas.