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Gruchy was very interested in the growing area of computer graphics and their ability to morph imagery and indeed states. With no access to computers at that time, the vision was an analogue of some of the transforms that we were just beginning to see for the first time. 

It consisted of a single screen and a set of hand-drawn slides.

The dissolve unit was set at a fixed dissolve time and period.

The music was inspired by Frippertronics , Fripp and Eno’s use of systems music at that time.

The 4 reel to reel machines had one tape that ran from machine 1 to machine 4 and was configured to create multiple feedback loops.

The delay time between the reel to reels matched the dissolve periodicy.


The work was performed in full, in 1980 at the University of Qld, Music Department and in 1981 at The George Patton Gallery in Melboure as part of the Noise and Musak exhibition.

This video is a recording of a studio performance made in 1982.

Vision by Tim Gruchy

Music by Tim Gruchy and Pam Greet

1-2-1, Video of AV performance – via Vimeo