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Marr Grounds, Artist

Born in the USA in 1930, Marr Grounds has been a sculptor and lecturer in architecture. He taught in Ghana before being appointed to the University of Sydney in 1968. He has won a number of awards, and his work is represented in the Australian National Collection, the state galleries...

1975 12 October  
Regions: a video music dance improvisation, Performance

Regions In 1975-76, Stephen Jones was working in Brisbane at the University of Queensland as a research assistant in the Psychology Department.

1972 23 May10 Jun  
Idea Demonstrations, Peter Kennedy, Mike Parr, Video

Presented at Inhibodress as Trans Art 1: Idea Demonstrations.

1971 827 Mar  
But the Fierce Blackman, Peter Kennedy, Installation

In March 1971 Peter Kennedy held a pair of installation shows concurrently under the overall label of Interference Variables, which he described as an exhibition in two phases.

2009 12 Sep11 Oct  
David Perry Retrospective, One person exhibition

Then and now and everything in between: The art of David Perry includes: painting, drawing, photography, film and video Mosman Art Gallery, Sydney opened by Keith Looby Film making and the art of David Perry: lecture by Albie Thoms

625 line TV system, Technical Innovation

The Post Master General (PMG) decides on the 625 line TV system for Australian television. Television brodcast licenses were not issued until 1956.

2005 326 Feb  
Crying Man 4, One person exhibition

Crying Man 4 (from the series Tears for What Was Done) by Lyndal Jones Produced with the assistance of Kate Richards and the School of Creative Media, RMIT University, Melbourne. The work was developed during a residency at the Artspace studios. Media: 3 channels of video; sync sound; flown double sided screens

2005 12 May 4 Jun  
Purple Rain

Work by David Haines & Joyce Hinterding exhibited at Artspace, Sydney.

2008 24 May20 Jul  
Darwin with Tears, One person exhibition

Lyndal Jones: Darwin with Tears, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art

Spitfire 1,2,3, One person exhibition

Melbourne University The Lyndal Jones film Spitfire was developed as a video and sound installation across a number of rooms of the gallery. curated by Lynne Cook

DV Video Format Released, Technical Innovation

DV was a compressed standard definition digital video format lauched in 1995. DV equipment was generally significantly cheaper than previous digital video formats. Domestic and professional camcorders recorded this format onto magnetic tape cassettes either as a PAL or NTSC signal. Audio was recorded as uncompressed linear PCM.

2010 413 Nov  
Nightshifters, Group Exhibition

Curated by Bec Dean The shift in time, space, perception and experience as day turns to night underpined this site-based installation project of moving-image works by eight of Australia’s foremost video and new media artists: Cordelia Beresford, Alexis Destoop, Samuel James, Angelica Mesiti, Kate...

Electronic Arts in Australia, Book

Continuum: The Australian Journal of Media & Culture vol. 8 no. 1 Electronic Arts in Australia Edited by Nicholas Zurbrugg Contents INTRODUCTION: Contemplating Electronic Arts PETER ANDERSON - Tim Gruchy: Electronic Media Art, Popular Culture and the Experimental Avant-Garde ARF ARF Interviewed by Nicholas Zurbrugg ROS BANDT Technology in Australian Sound Installations: Three Recent Approaches

1997 9 Jul 2 Aug  
Autumn Song, One person exhibition

John Conomos's autobiographical performance about his childhood in a milk bar at Tempe and his ancestral forbearers from the Greek Island of Kythera.

SCAN +, vol 1, Magazine

A New Magazine for Video and Time Based Arts Issue 1 includes The Third Australian Video Festival, Catalogue editor: John Conomos

1994 26 May  
Performance on Screen, Video and Film Screening

This selection of works brings together screen interpretations of performance spanning a 23 year period. curated by Barbara Campbell in association with the Ivan Dogherty Gallery and The Performance Space a Sin-E-Scope screening for 25 Years of Performance Art in Australia Performance Space, Sydney

Walking, Film

Non-narrative short film Walking made by David Perry, shown privately. B&W Standard 8 guage. Perry had been shooting film for many years before this, but he ackowleges this is his first completed film. The original film is now lost, but low quality b&w video telecines exist.

Women & Technology, Group Exhibiton

Jill Scott, Sally Pryor, Nola Farnum, Anna Gibbs, Julie Vulcan (The Light Fell — Some new Pain) Performance Space

2008 12 Jun 3 Aug  
Australian Gothic: Video Art now, Group Exhibition

Australian Gothic: Video Art Now Curated by Dr Shaun Wilson Artists: Alex Avzoglou Marsha Berry John a Douglas  Robert Hecimovic Larissa HJorth Tammy Honey Sam Keene Brendan Lee David MCDoWell aaron McLoughlin Krystal Shultheiss Brie Trenerry Shaun Wilson Marco Kin Ming Wong Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts