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1978 5 7 May  
The 2nd Video Mayfair, video exhibition

Video MayFair Sydney Filmmakers Coop 5-7 May, 1978 The Second Video Mayfair was run at the Sydney Filmmakers Co-op over Friday 5th to Sunday 7th May, 1978.

1978 9 July  
VideOzone, video exhibition

In mid-1978 the Paddington Video Access Centre had been operating at the Paddington Town Hall for about two years. The original video centre (known as City Video) had moved from its offices and workshop upstairs at 445 Oxford St, Paddington after the Town Hall renovations were completed and a two...

1973 18 Oct18 Nov  
Tim Burns, Artist

Tim Burns is an Australian artist who has long regarded his role as being to provoke the public into thinking about social issues. Many of his works have been controversial while showing a wry humour and a tendency towards the dangerous. He began making video while he was involved with...

SBS Television begins broadcasting, Television broadcast

The Special Broadcasting Service (SBS) began television broadcasts in 1980, originally in Melbourne and Sydney. SBS was established in 1978 to provide  multilingual broadcasting services for ethnic communities in Australia. The program Eat Carpet screened on SBS TV from 1989 to 2005.

Videokunst in Australien — Auf dem Weg zu Teletopologien, Group Exhibiton

Exhibition curated by Sally Coaucaud for Ars Electronica 1989, Linz, Austria.

Videokunst in Australien — Auf dem Weg zu Teletopologien, Group Exhibition

curated by Sally Couacaud Ars Electronica, Linz

Imperial Slacks, Artist Run Initiative

Imperial Slacks artist collective was formed in Sydney to continue the running of the renamed Herringbone Gallery as Imperial Slacks (2000-2002). A significant number of artists working with video were part of this collective, including Angelica Mesiti, Shaun Gladwell, The Kingpins, Wade Marynowsky, Michael Schiavello, Alex Davies and Monika Tichacek....

Te Ve Tabu, Festival

Te Ve Tabu is the second national annual exhibition of artists' work in 'post object' art mediums to be organised by CREATIVE SPACE as part of the Studio Access Project. Represented is a current, and partially retrospective, collection of work in the mediums of Super 8 film, video, audio, audio-visual,...

1980 22 May 8 Jun  
Project 30: Some Recent Australian Videotapes, Group Exhibition

Organised for tour of North America by Stephen Jones and Bernice Murphy for the Australian Gallery Directors Council, Sydney, 1979; presented at the Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.

TVX, video collective

TVX was a British video workshop and research group that formed around some video equipment loaned by the Beatles and early versions of the 1/2" Sony portapak. It was founded in 1969 by John "Hoppy" Hopkins and Cliff Evans. Among numerous other members were Steve Herman and the Australian, John...

1986 January  
Video/Culture, Group Exhibition

A travelling exhibition drawn from video works shown within the Australian Video Festival 1986. Project co-ordinator: Brian Langer Catalogue Design: Eddy Jokovich Introduction 

1986 23 Jul30 Aug  
The First Australian Video Festival

Although Sydney had had a film festival since the 1950s, video came out of an entirely different trajectory — one of activism and experimental art that did not attract the art-film audience. Also, filmmakers largely rejected video as it was considered to be of far too low a resolution and...

1975 2527 Apr  
Over To You ..., Film and Video Exhibition


1970 7 November1972 20 Aug  
Inhibodress, Artist Collective

Inhibodress was an important artist-run space in Sydney in 1971-72, set up by Mike Parr, Peter Kennedy and Tim Johnson and showed mostly conceptual work. The idea for the gallery was initiated by Mike Parr when he called a meeting in August 1970 to establish an artists’ run space that...

1979 1 November1980 1 Mar  
Videotapes from Australia, video collection

Video Tapes from Australia a collection of Australian video compiled in 1979 by Stephen Jones (then at PVAC) and Bernice Murphy (then at AGNSW). Under the auspices of the Australian Gallery Directors Council, it travelled overseas to the US, with exhibitions at The Kitchen, New York; LAICA, Los Angeles Institute of Contemporary...

1973 1 February1975 1 Apr  
Bush Video, video collective

Bush Video was a collective of artists working in various experimental forms but with video as their main focal point. It was established by Joseph El Khouri and Mick Glasheen during the lead up to the 1973 Aquarius Festival to be held at Nimbin in northern NSW in May that...

1971 131 Jul  
1956 22 November  
Olympics broadcast

ABC Outside Broadcast van used to broadcast the Melbourne Olympics. Ran from 22ndNovember to 8 th December 1956.

1956 12 September  
Commissioning of SILLIAC

(Presumably as part of the training process) the ABC OB van was used as an integral part of the dedication ceremony for the SILLIAC computer at University of Sydney, 12th September 1956.