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2003 17 Sep30 Nov  
Primavera 2003, Group Exhibition

Primavera: Exhibition of Young Australian Artists is an annual MCA exhibition which showcases the work of Australian artists 35 years of age and under. Primavera 2003 responded to the theme of new media technologies. Curated by Julianne Pierce, Director of the Australian Network for Art & Technology (ANAT), it explores...

1989 31 May23 Jun  
Australian Perspecta 1989, Video and Film Screening

Art Gallery of New South Wales, Domain Theatre

2009 23 November  
Disappearing Video, Video Screening

Australian Video Art: some key works – screening 23rd October Total runtime 84 minutes Mad meshDavid Perry, 19684minIdea Demonstrations # 4Peter Kennedy 19712minIdea Demonstrations # 7Peter Kennedy 19712 minInterior with ViewsDavid Perry 19765 minEvaStephen Jones (music by Warren Burt and performance by Eva Karczag), 19783 min extractNocturnal B 1978Warren Burt3 min extractAsphixiation

1998 3 4 Jun  
Mixed Bodies: Recent Australian Video, Video Screening

FIM!: Festival da Imagem en Movimento Mixed Bodies: Recent Australian Video appresentaçoa e curadoria / presented and curated by John Gillies quarta 3 junho / wed 3 june, 22.00h/ 10pm Local/Place: Sala Walter da Silveria Reprise: quinta 4 junho / Thursday 4 june, 20.00h / 8pm Local / place: Sala Alexandre Robatto Salvador, Bahia, Brasil

Panoramas of the Imagination, Screening

Curator: David Cranswick16th Videobrasil Festival of Electronic Art, SESC Paulista, São Paulo, Brasil, 2007Artists: John A Douglas, Sean Gladwell, Mr & Ms, The Kingpins, Mathew Tumbers, Soda_Jerk & Sam Smith, Rachel Scott, REA, Daniel Crooks, Brendan Lee, Sam Smith

Mind the Steps!, Screening

Mind the Steps!: a selection of time-based art works produced in Australia Curator: Atanas DjonovPlatforma Video 7, Athens, Greece 2007Artists: Atanas Djonov, Alan Giddy, Cab Huf, Hobart Hughes, Peter Humble, Sandra Landolt, Sumugan Sivanesan, David Mackenzie, Kate Murphy, Lena Christine Obergfell, Helen Sturgess, Jamil Yamani, Mahmoud Yekta

1999 130 Sep  
Sick and Dizzy: Floating Adrift in a Sea of Media, Screening

Curator: Beth Jackson (Australian Program only)3rd Asia Pacific Trienalle of Contemporary Art & MAAP99 Brisbane, 1999 & Microwave Video Festival, Hong Kong 2000.Artists: Ian Andrews, John Gillies, Troy Innocent, Jon Tonkin, Peter Callas, Robyn Webster, Peter Hennessy, Frank Osvath, Adam Cullen, Michelle Mahrer & Gravity Feed (together with a program...

Telling Stories, Scanners of Memory, Screening

Curator: Brian LangerVideo Positive ’93, Unity Theatre, Newcastle UK

1992 8 9 Feb  
Subtopian Zones: Visions of the Virtual Body, screening program

Video & Television Festival ’92, Spiral Hall, Tokyo 1992 Curator: Peter Callas Australian Artists: John Gillies & the Sydney Front, Jill Scott, Micheal Hill, Simon Biggs

2010 317 Nov  
Video Void: Australian Video Art, Screening

In Australia there is a significant lack of knowledge regarding early Australian video artworks and an audience faces substantial difficulties in accessing these works and tracing the history and leitmotifs that connect them. American theorist Fredric Jameson described this as the ‘disappearance of history’ — the way in which our...

1990 211 Nov  
The Fifth Australian International Video Festival, Video Festival

The fifth in the series of festivals staged in Sydney, the event added the word "international" to its title for the first time. The Australian International Video Festival (AIVF) was billed as Australia's only specialised exhibition event dedicated to promoting Australian and international video art and artists. Presented by Electronic...

1990 1024 Mar  
Matinaze 1990, Video and Film Screening

Matinaze 1990: Premieres and Rare SigntingsDomain Theatre, Art Gallery of NSWA selection of Australian film and video art  presented by Sydney Super 8 Film Group inc and assisted by the Australian Film Commisison.

Mad Mesh, Experimental film

Mad Mesh was made by photographing disturbed mesh patterns from a television camera tube. An Image Orthicon camera in the Federal Engineering section of the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation at Gore Hill, Sydney) had developed a fault with the mesh in the pick-up tube that could be moved around with...

1976 13 Nov19 Dec  
Biennale of Sydney: Recent International Forms in Art, Group Exhibition

Recent International Forms in Art : The 1976 Biennale of Sydney.Art Gallery of NSW, 13 November – 19 December, 1976.Directed by Tom McCullough

1985 19 Jun14 Jul  
Scanlight: New Developments in Video Art, Video Festival

In 1985 the video scene in Sydney had reached a point where there were enough people making video works - whether art, documentary, video music or computer graphic - to begin to make it important and possible to have a collective show of recent works.

1991 830 Nov  
The Sixth Australian International Video Festival, Video Festival

The sixth and last in the series of video festivals initiated and managed by the Electronic Media Arts (Australia) organisation.

1976 20 Mar12 Apr  
Charlotte Moorman and Nam June Paik in Australia, video exhibition

In March 1976 Nam June Paik and Charlotte Moorman arrived in Australia for John Kaldor’s Public Art Project 5. Paik is regarded as the “father of video art”. Moorman was the organiser of the New York Avant Garde Festival, and had been working with Paik on various projects for about ten...

1980 211 May  
The 4th Video Mayfair, Festival

VIDEO MAYFAIR A Festival of Independent Video over 2 weekends Sydney Filmmakers' Cooperative, May 2-4 and 9-11, 1980 Friday May 2 Video Party

1977 2122 May  
The First Video May Fair, video exhibition

First Video May Fair [Extract from program:] The weekend will be a video forum: the playback of videotapes and the discussion of how, where and why people are using video.

The 3rd Video MayFair, Festival

Video MayFair Sydney Filmmakers Co-op Weekends, 4th - 20th May, 1979 Program Weekend 1: Unions, the Economy and the State