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Sydney Filmaker's Co-op Closes

By December 1985, the Co-op was unable to trade its way out of financial difficulties. When the AFC decided not to provide any additional funding, the Co-op went into liqidation. The members of the Sydney Filmaker's Co-op vote to cease operation and distribute all works back to the owners.

Heterosis: digital art from Australia: Peter Callas, Patricia Piccinini, Mari Velonaki, Group Exhibition

Group show of Australian media artists at Centro Cultural Conde Duque de Madrid.

ReelDance Festival, Video and Film Screening

Established by the One Extra Company in 1999, ReelDance began as a response to the growth in dance screen work being made in dance arenas overseas, and the need to foster a burgeoning field of practice in Australia.  Under the guidance of founding director Erin Brannigan we...

2001 30 Apr 9 Jun  
Urban Theatre Projects: Asylum, Performance

Video artist: Denis Beaubois Venue: vacant wallpaper shop, Lidcombe Performers: Nahro Saaid, Anna Nguyen, Angel Boudjbiha, Cyrus Sarang, Sepideh Fallah Director: Claudia Chidiac Dramaturgy:  John Baylis and Khoa Do Video Artist: Denis Beaubois Sound Artist: Rik Rue Lighting & Production Mgr:  Richard Montgomery Stage Manager:  Janine Peacock Audio Technician:  Ian Bowie Artistic Consultan: Deborah Pollard Community Liaison: Richard Lagarto   My name is...

Cantrills Filmnotes Final Issue #93-100, Magazine

A review of independent film and video, with emphasis on experimental film, video art, digital media, and associated work in performance and installation art.

1980 729 Mar  
Rules of the Game, One person exhibition

Rules of the Game: A combined sculpture, video and live performance exhibition, Sue Richter, 1980. Festival Centre Gallery 1980 Adelaide Festival

1990 915 Nov  
The No Way Buster Project, Exhibition

Created by Dominik Barbier and Cathy Vogan 8º Festival Internacional Video Fotoptica Museu da Imagem e do Som (São Paulo) Curated by Solange Farkas Brasil

1986 523 Aug  
Australia Is, One person exhibition

Solo show by Cathy Vogan Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery

2000 8 Jun 2 Jul  
d>Art 00, Screening

Australia's premier annual showcase of innovative film, video, cd-rom, web & sound art by local and international artists.

2001 1420 Jun  
2001 1820 Jun  
Electro-matic, Screening

Ian Andrews Retrospective: Electro-matic Presented by d/Lux/MediaArtsScreening at Dendy Opera Quays8.45pm 18 June  & 12.00pm 20 June 2001

1998 927 Jun 98, Screening replaces MATINAZE (1991-1997 inclusive)

2005 21 Jul19 Aug  
The Anita Project/version 3, Debra Petrovitch, Interactive Video Installation

The Anita Project is based on research into the murder of Anita Cobby in Australia in 1986, and the impact her death had on society. At the age of 26 years old, Anita Cobby was robbed, raped and brutally murdered in Western Sydney, which provoked fierce public outrage never before witnessed in...

2002 16 Aug 1 Dec  
Undertow, Susan Norrie, One person exhibition

Undertow is that subterranean pull of the unconscious, ominous with premonition. Used as the title of Susan Norrie’s major work for the epic spaces of ACCA’s commission hall, it suggests the hidden terrors and delights of a world in environmental flux.

2003 14 Mar 8 Jun  
Liquid Sea, Group Exhibiton

Through the work of historical and contemporary artists from around the world, Liquid Sea explores the symbolic nature of the sea and water in art today. From the sublime to the metaphoric, this exhibition draws inspiration from the sea, as well as utilising the MCA building and its unique site...

1989 826 Aug  
Wishful Thinking, One person exhibition

Solo exhibition of video works by Jill Scott at Roslyn Oxley9 Gallery in Sydney.

2001 1 Sep11 Nov  
Primavera 2001, Group Exhibiton

Primavera 2001 Museum of Contemporay Art The 10th Anniversary Belinda Jackson Exhibition of Young Artists With video works by TV Moore (NSW) and Jacinta Schreuder (VIC) 1 September - 11 November 2001

2004 26 November2005 30 Jan  
Destiny Deacon: Walk & Don't Look Blak, One person exhibition

Destiny Deacon: Walk & Don't Look Blak 26 November 2004 - 30 January 2005   One person exhibition at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney.

2008 14 Jun26 Jul  
Vienna Parreno

Fears of Jaded Descent Vienna Parreno Gallery 4A