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The First Video May Fair

21 May 197722 May 1977

First Video May Fair

[Extract from program:]

The weekend will be a video forum: the playback of videotapes and the discussion of how, where and why people are using video.

The weekend will provide the opportunity for videomakers to gain feedback from interested groups and individuals, who will, in turn, see what videotapes are available.

The program collects recent video works into two main areas: social action and performance. There will be facilities for impromptu playbacks of “off the street” tapes and replays of programmed tapes.

Bring your own tapes – ½ inch reel-to-reel and ¾ inch U-matic playback facilities will be available.

[Extract from Access Video News, Vol. 3, Nos. 1 & 2:]

A weekend of video-playbacks and discussions, organised by SOAP and independent video makers, at the Filmmakers Co-op, St. Peters Lane, Darlinghurst.

At long last tapemakers in Sydney are doing something about distributing and promoting software. The Sydney Filmmakers Co-op in conjunction with SOAP and the access centres have organised a weekend of playback-discussion called “Video May Fair”. The venue will be the Filmmaker’s Co-op, St. Peters Lane, Darlinghurst. Date: 21, 22 May. Time: 12 noon to 7pm each day.

Tapes will cover the usual wide range of subject areas: socio/political, theatre, education, performance, etc. Some of the highlights include SOAP’s “Shipbuilding” and “Painters and Docker’s” tape, the Media Collectives “The Greatest Advertising Campaign the Country’s Ever Known” (based on the Nov. 11 coup), Paddington’s “Not guilty not insane” (Free Sandra Wilson Campaign), tapes from “Open Processes” (Stephen Jones, Watters Gallery video installation), plus multi-screen contributions from Paul Frame and Clive Scollay.

We envisage two separate playback areas, one programmed and the other open-ended, plus allowing for at least 10 mins. discussion after each tape. Advertising and promotion of May Fair through local, metropolitan, and student press is already under way. Owing to the short period we have left to plan the festival, we must restrict the structured format to tapes we know are available in Sydney. But don’t let that discourage you. We invite all access centres and production collectives to send in tapes. Every tape we get will receive a showing in the upstairs continuous playback area, plus pre-publicity on the day. We expect upwards of 200 hundred people during the weekend.

Long overdue is a video-tapemakers’ festival on a national level. This idea will be floated at a meeting scheduled for 7pm Sunday after the final weekend’s showing. Any ideas on possible venue, format, time (August?) will be acknowledged — put them in writing or on tape and send them to Video May Fair, Filmmakers Co-op, St. Peters Lane, Darlinghurst 2010.

Sue Lambert (Filmmakers Co-op) 
Tom Zubrycki (SOAP) 
Susan Varga (NAMA) 

Stephen Jones
Other works 



12.00 to 3.00pm


Not Guilty, Not Insane (26 mins b&w)
Jeune Pritchard for Women Behind Bars 

In Moral Danger (20 mins b&w)
Jeune Pritchard and Jenny Neil 


Victoria Street (27 mins b&w)
Tom Zubrycki

Juanita Nielsen (13 mins b&w)
Lee Chitick, Russ Herman

We Have To Live With It (20 mins b&w)
Balmain Resident Action Group and Tom Zubrycki


Get A Job (20 mins b&w)
Rod Freedman

Bankstown Councillor (20 mins col)
Peter Gray

Trash & Treasure (20 mins b&w)
Liverpool Access


3.30pm to 6.30pm


Philippa Cullen Dance Tapes (60 mins b&w)
Jilba Wallace


Vidi Kids (20 mins b&w)
Fairfield Access 

Cartalk (20 mins b&w)
Valley Video 

Xmas at Westfield (10 mins b&w)
Blacktown Access 


Soap Box Circus (28 mins col)
Marsha Bennet and Peter Gray

Uncle Bob's Band (30 mins col)
Peter Gray and Gillian Leahy 



12.00 to 3.00 pm


Lyndsay Kemp (30 mins col)
John Moyle and Barry Creecy

Sisters (60 mins b&w)
Australian Performing Group


He, She & Me (26 mins col)
Judi Stack and Bob Weis

Tiime to Move On, the Sugar is Running Out (60 mins col)
Clive Scollay and Paul Frame

Open Processes Tapes / Exhibition at Watters Gallery (col)
Stephen Jones


Sugar & Snails (30 mins col)
Marcha Bennet, Danny Torsh and Tom Zubrycki


3.30pm to 6.30pm


Shipbuilding (15 mins b&w)
Clive Scollay & Russ Herman

Painters & Dockers (33 mins b&w)
Russ Herman & Tom Zubrycki


Ramaleo — Timor (30 mins b&w)
VMV Clive Scollay

PNG — Independence (30 mins b&w)
VMV Paul Frame

[Originally scheduled but not listed on the program sheet:]

The Greatest Advertising Campaign the Country’s Ever Known (37 mins col)
Media Co-op.

Bring your own tapes (1/2" & 3/4").

Unprogrammed viewing and discussion on all day. 

Front page of the First Video May Fair program.
Front page of the First Video May Fair program.