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Keepers of Lake Eyre

‘Lake Eyre is calling - Ankaku, for life. It all comes back to the uranium. We always warned you to leave it where it was in its natural state, where it is safe in the ground. Our stories teach us of its dangerous energy. Now we’re left with your waste and you don’t know what to do with it. You don’t care about us and our land. You don’t care that we carry the wisdom of one of the oldest cultures in the world.’ - Words from Arabunna elder and peacemaker, Kevin Buzzacott, to the Australian Government in 1998. In the past four years, Kevin has taken court actions at State and Federal levels, led rallies and actions, had his words and strategies documented in books, articles and videos to bring his message of peace to Australia and to the world. ‘Whatever it takes to break through for peace’ says Kevin, ‘I am seriously saddenned that our sacred substance and our sacred waters are being used in depleted uranium to make the missiles that may be used to attack Afghanistan. What does it take to break through for peace?