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ACMIpark is an artwork ACMIpark has been conceived and developed as a work of art. It is not a game but?it does however use game-engine technology and offers opportunities for play and exploration. Its intentions are to explore the possibilities of virtual place-making and the occupation of these radical new technological spaces. Although ACMIpark uses the Criterion Renderware graphics engine that supports?commercial games as Grand Theft Auto, ACMIpark is not a commercial game. It has been built with a tiny budget -miniscule compared to those required for the most basic commercial game.?ACMIpark has been created with support from local arts funding and the dedication of the Selectparks team.? It has been created by a small and dedicated group of artists and programmers who wanted to push the boundaries of both art and gaming. ACMIpark is a persistent world. ACMIpark continues to exist whether you (or any user) are there or not. This is different from a standard PC or console game; the game world becomes active when you log on?and then when you turn it off, the world goes away. In ACMIpark however, there are no activities that leave a lasting impression on the world. So in a sense,?you log in fresh each time. The difference is that when you are not there the world continues to be populated by others. Compare it to the real world; when you go to sleep things still go on in the world if you are there or not. ACMIpark is a virtual extension of ACMI. ACMIpark is the first site-specific extension of a real-life public venue to be delivered online, as an occupiable world. It extends the public space of ACMI into the virtual and enables those who cannot physically visit Federation Square to view and explore the exciting design of Lab architects.