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Watching The Apocalypse

Barbara Campbell

U-matic Video, colour, sound, 6-mins

In Griffith University Art Collection, Accession No 000816.01B

"During the shooting of "Apocalypse Now", Eleanor Coppola began keeping a journal about the production of the film." Campbell's video was inspired by Coppola's personal account of the making of Francis Coppola's film, "Apocalypse Now". The video "explores women's personal fictions and creates an intimate experience for the audience through the descriptive voice-over, and discursively linked visual and aural elements." 1 

1976 March 4: β€œIt was the first lime any of us had seen water buffalo, rice paddies and nipa huts. We crossed over the bridge at the edge of the little village and entered the deep foliage. Sofia said, 'It looks like the Disneyland Jungle Cruise.'” – Eleanor Coppola, 1979. 2  

Shown at Matinaze, 26 March, 1994, AGNSW

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Shot on Video 8, completed on U-Matic