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Camille Scaysbrook

Camille Scaysbrook has worked as a writer in a diversity of mediums, including prose, theatre, radio drama, hypertext fiction, and computer game design. She was a student, and later a teacher, at Sydney's Roundabout Theatre, where she gained a diploma of Advanced Acting in 1997. In 1995 her play Am I Your Dream? won the Sydney Theatre Company Young Playwright of the Year Award. It has since enjoyed numerous national and international productions, including the 1996 Adelaide Fringe Festival and a tour of London in 2000.

She has given many talks and participated in numerous, panel discussions and interviews on topics ranging from literature, womens' modernist art, and film theory, most recently addressing the 2002 Biennale of Sydney on the topic of massively multiplayer online games. After graduating from Sydney University in 1999 (majoring in English and Art History and Theory), she spent several years working for computer games company MicroForte on their Massively Multiplayer Online Game project, BigWorld: Citizen Zero and gained media attention for being Australia's only female game designer.

She lived in New York for most of 2001 before touring Europe in 2002. She now works as a media analyst and, when there's time, on a third novel, as well as several film projects and occasional freelance writing. Her work appeared as part of the anthology Letters to J.D. Salinger, published by the University of Wisconsin Press, in 2001.