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Severed Heads

Severed Heads was an Australian electronic music group based and founded in Sydney in 1979 as Mr. and Mrs. No Smoking Sign. The original members were Richard Fielding and Andrew Wright, and were soon joined by Tom Ellard. Fielding and Wright eventually left the group, leaving Ellard as a singular talent, the sole continuing member of the group.

A variety of people played in Severed Heads, including Garry Bradbury, Paul Deering, and Stephen Jones, but over time the group devolved to Tom Ellard.

Severed Heads: Dollarex,
Severed Heads: Dollarex, – from Dollarex, via d/Archive 
From Goodbye Tonsils, via d'archive
From Goodbye Tonsils, via d'archive – from Goodbye Tonsils, via d/Archive