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Catherine Lowing

b. 1963

Member of the Super Eight Film Group and maker of influential films such as Knife in the Head, Spooky in 1985 and Rock'n'Roll High School in 1987 (with the tag line "The art life, it's just another way of saying the great life").

She was closely associated with the film collective The Marine Biologists who were well known in Super 8 circles for the films they've made both individually and as a team:Sean O'Brien, Andrew Frost and Nick Meyers, with varying involvement of Catherine Lowing and Rowan Woods. 

From Brutini, via d'archive
From Brutini, via d'archive – from Brutini, via d/Archive 
From Shooting day for night, via d'archive
From Shooting day for night, via d'archive – from Shooting day for night, via d/Archive