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Sydney Intermedia Network (SIN)

The Sydney Intermedia Network (SIN) was formed out of the The Sydney Super Eight Film Group in 1990. Its goal was to continue to assist moving image makers to produce work using a variety of media and formats.

SIN had modest production facilties and equipment for artists to borrow for reasonable rates. The organisation also mounted a series of exhibition programs that expanded the theatrical screenings of the Super Eight Group.

In late 1994, SIN began negotiations with another Sydeny-based media arts organisation: Electronic Media Arts (EMA), who were responsible for delivering the Australian International Video Festival. By 1995 EMA had closed, and SIN took on board the membership and remaining assets from EMA.

SIN continued until 1999, when it was granted a $42,000 annual grant from the Australian Film Commission (excatly the same amount that Melbourne's Experimenta Media Arts received that same year.)1

In 2000, SIN was renamed dLux Media Arts and begand to focus more on a wider ranger of emerging digital media formats and practices.

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